June 1, 2011

a day in the life - breanne

Good morning!  Hope all of you out there in the blog world are swell.  (Why is it that writing introductions for these posts turns me into a big nerd?)  Today I'd like you to meet Breanne, mommy to Mollie.  I hope you enjoy a day in her life!


Hi! I am Breanne. You can find me over at http://mcbridetales.blogspot.com/ I am currently a part-time mom. That sounds bad, let me explain. I just ended my job as a FULL-TIME teacher and starting in the fall I will be a part-time teacher. WOO HOO! Super excited! I am married and we have a beautiful 8 month old daughter, Mollie. I just ended school for the summer so I am still getting used to what my days will look like but here is a peek into what today was like...

5:15 am: Well I could have started a little earlier since ms. molls has been waking up quite a bit at night moaning because of teeth pain. This girl still doesn't have any teeth but they are so close! At this time though Brian (hubs) gets out of bed to get ready for work and because the bathroom is right next to mollies room we can expect her to rise too. She does. After a pacifier drop in we are back to sleep! PHEW!!
7:30 am: Seriously, is it that late! Go Mollie! She's awake for the day and this is what I have to wake up to.
Quick change of the diaper and put some clothes on the babe and we are set to conquer the day. Remember...this is my official first day of the summer so don't go thinking that I will be getting out of pajamas today! :)
8:00am: Its bottle time while we listen to the today show. I love me some matt lauer and meredith viera. Tear...will miss meredith.
8:15am: Must have caffeine. Really? Already? There is something about this wondrous place that has the most amazing fountain Pepsi and you can add a drop of cherry sauce. Mmmmm. And it feeds my caffeine addiction which I am seriously thinking about knocking. (Yeah right.) So Mollie is strapped in and we are off. A quick trip turns into much longer when you have baby in tow. Here is my addiction for the day:

9:00am: Time for mollie to eat her morning solids. This a.m. it's rice and pears. Yum. She does great on solids and we are thinking of introducing some more "adult" foods soon. How soon is too soon?? Mollie just figured out how to use her fingers to eat her puffs and yogurt melts. So cute!

9:30am: It's play time! We tend to use this time to either play on the floor or take walks. (Well we do when I was off work but now it will be daily.) Today we played on the floor since she is crawling all over the place. This girl is seriously strong! I love having special moments with my baby girl. She is so smiley.
10:00am: Nap time. Mollie takes great naps. We have had her on a schedule since she was really young and she has done great on them. She sleeps from 10-12 and does it pretty consistently. I spent today working on cheerleading. I have been coaching for about 10 years at all levels. College, high school and middle school. I have stopped coaching but now I choreograph for school competitions. My sister also does this and she is working with a team this weekend and needed some help so...sister to the rescue! Really it's not work for me, I love it!
11:45 am: Jene'e, my sister, says she is going to get lunch. Pizza hut breadsticks! I realize I have been horrible today in the food/drink department but it is my first summer day, right?
12:00pm: Mollie is awake. And it's bottle time. After her bottle I decide to try to take a shower for the day. She used to love her bouncer so I assume she still does. Boy was I wrong!
1:00 pm: Time for solids again. This time we add veggies. She eats pears and sweet potatoes. Two of her favorites.
2:00 pm: Mollie is down for her nap again and it's time for me to work/finish cheerleading. I miraculously get it finished. I also find time to start a load of laundry. We were in Chicago over the weekend for a wedding so lots of laundry to start. It's amazing how much more laundry we have with a baby.
3:45 pm: Brian is home. He gets to go in early so he gets home early. It is great because he gets lots of extra time with the little miss. We have a dog and for some reason Mollie loves her. Ok. Ok. Ok. I do too. BUT...I do NOT like the massive amounts of hair that lies around our house for Mollie to get all over her when she crawls. Any advice for dealing with shedding dogs? I vacuum at least 3 times a day. They really are two peas in a pod though...

5:15 pm: Dinner is made. Tonight we are having enchiladas. The easiest recipe ever. And...Brian likes them. Or so I think. I have a pretty picky eater for a husband...love him though.

6:00 pm: Off to the store to get essentials. I haven't been to the store in awhile and we are out of everything! We needed new rugs too so I grabbed some of those.
7:30 pm: Bath time. This is Mollie's favorite time of the day. She loves baths! Though we found out this weekend that she is not too fond of swimming pools. Hopefully that will change as my dad lives on a lake and we both LOVE to be at the lake and beach. I will give her some credit though...it was extremely loud and crazy for massive amounts of kids. I would've been scared too.
8:00 pm: Before we head to bed we read a story from the children's Bible. Brian loves this time with Mollie and it is super cute to watch them!

8:30 pm: Time to have some me time. Whether that is watching Bachelorette, I know horrible, or reading up on blogs/writing blogs. Laundry, dishes, getting ready for the following day or reading.
10:00 pm: I am for sure in bed by 10 every night. That may change though now that I don't have to get up super early anymore. :)

1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
The most surprising thing to me is how much you are by far the last one to be taken care of. Like today...no makeup/no shower till the afternoon. Mollie comes first. I wouldn't have it any other way.
2. What are some tips/advice you would give to new or soon-to-be mamas?
The best advice I could give is that every mom has an instinct. It is best to go by that. No one knows your baby like you do. I definitely love advice but the best is your own. By far.
3. What are your top 3 baby products?
    1. MAM pacifiers. She loves them. We don't go anywhere without it/them.
    2. Her little snuggie. It's a blanket with a bear head attached. You get them from Carter's. Mollie doesn't sleep without it. I just need to find another one in case we lose this one!
    3. Buttpaste. I know it sounds silly but destin didn't work for Mollie. She had a really bad case of diaper rash and butt paste did the trick! :)

Thank you so much Ashley for getting to share my day with you and your friends!


Thank you for sharing your day with us Breanne!

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