June 23, 2011

embrace the camera

Now I'm not 100% certain, but I think a certain little miss may have almost actually enjoyed the pool this past weekend.  Granted the first time we had her in there she was saying up every few minutes to the nearest person, but she didn't freak out or anything.  And she lasted at least 20 minutes!  It was awesome.


She of course had to have some friends with her.  Side note, her taking one nap a day is perfect for having a couple hours midday to lay by the pool and read a book.  But a word of advice?  Make sure you aren't sitting up the whole time you're reading outside, or you might get sunburn on your belly, with a big ol' white stripe across the middle.  Whoops.


ruthiehart said...

yay! how fun! pool time rocks!

Laura said...

Hope the sunburn doesn't hurt too much! Cute photos! I hope my LO will love the pool one day :D

Joeylee said...

my girls love the pool too!
pool time = FUN!

Joi said...

You two look so cute! Love your french braid!

Bri {collected} said...

Ha, I love both of our pool posts!!

And oh my gosh I know...I'm obsessed with her suit. I got it at the Gymboree outlet for $7!! I think it must be from a couple of seasons ago or something. The whole time she was wearing it, we were dying over it!

Also, I wanted to say, you look fantastic!! Way to go woman!