June 11, 2011

this and that

::  I really want to post pictures of our trip to Georgia.  But editing them all is stressing me out.  So I opted to edit some other pictures and throw some random tidbits at you.

::  When we got home from Georgia, our grass was in serious need of a mow.  Ryann actually played in the grass, and really enjoyed the giant piles of cut grass.


::  Things that Ryann says lately that I'm loving
  • If she wants something, say strawberries perhaps, she will say 'bawberrie', I answer her with 'strawberry?  you want a strawberry?'  She says 'okaaaay!' like it was my idea in the first place.
  • When she wants up on something, or to be picked up, now she says 'Up I come' instead of just up.  No idea where she picked that up, but it is pretty funny.
  • We are trying to teach Ryann how to use a fork.  If I put food on it, she can get it in to her mouth, but she is having a hard time actually getting food on the fork.  I told her she needed to stab it.  Now whenever she has the fork she says 'tab iit!' in some sort of strange accent.  Awesome.
  • She moves quickly around the couch yelling 'wun wun wun!' (run run run!)  She also ran around the baggage claim at the Kansas City airport yelling that for close to twenty minutes, when we finally made it off the plane on Tuesday night.
  • Tickle is also a very popular word lately.  She wiggles her little fingers at me and says 'tickle tickle tickle!'
  • She recently picked up the word pretty (sounds like prip-pee when she says it).  She was pointing to my earrings and I asked if they were pretty, and have told her a few other things are pretty (her, flowers, other random stuff).  Today a pair of red high heels were sitting on my bed, she picked one up and said 'Oooo, prip-pee.'  Hilarious.  And perfect.  She is totally a girly girl. 

::  I have to take a break from running.  I haven't fully completed a day on my Bridge to 10K since the day before we went on vacation.  Since then it has been a combination of ridiculous humidity, lack of motivation, and PAIN.  My left hip is KILLING ME.  Chris said I might have some sort of 'itis' going on in there (can't remember what he called it), but more or less ligaments or tendons or something is swollen and it freaking hurts.  It doesn't really hurt too bad while I'm running, but immediately after I do, or if I sit for a while, and then try and walk, the pain is extreme.  I think I'll take a few days off, and then maybe start back up in the middle of C25K and try and build my stamina back up with something I know I can do.


::  Ryann is asleep, but Toy Story is still playing on the TV.  It is kind of annoying, but I'm too lazy to get up to shut it off, or find the remote to shut it off.  Oh well.


::  Warning.  This section talks about POOP.  Ok.  While we were in Georgia, Ryann started telling us right before, or sometimes just after she would poop.  As in, she would say 'I poop.  I poop.' and then go about her business and all, and poop.  I was pretty surprised.  Obviously 14 months is a little early to potty train, but I'm crossing my fingers that this means maybe it won't be too tough, if she can already communicate that she is going to poo.  I find it funny, however, that she could care less if I actually change the stinky diaper.  She tells me more matter of factly, and then is completely ticked off when I try and change her.


::  We have a session with our photographer early Monday morning.  I'm excited, because she takes amazing photos.  But I HATE finding something to wear.  And right now my closet is pretty much a hodge podge of stuff that doesn't really fit right.  And I obviously waited until the last minute, so I don't have a lot of time to shop for anything.  Oy.  I found a cute little white eyelet dress at Target for Ryann to wear, not to mention the other 90 bajillion dresses in her closet, so she will be fine.  What's new.


::  I've made ZERO progress on the photo albums I am making for our family.  Well, that isn't totally true, I've deleted several hundred photos off my computer while I try and whittle them down only to the keepers.  The problem?  There are still 33,725 photos on my computer.  I just uploaded 286 FROM THIS AFTERNOON.  I have a problem.  I know.  Bah.  I really need to get working on this, my Groupon expires in August!

That is all.  :o) 

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Meredith said...

Yeah, I suck at photo albums too!

I can't believe how many words Ryann is saying!