June 29, 2011

a day in the life - claire

Happy Wednesday everybody.  Today a certain little someone just might be 15 months old (I'm totally denying it, but apparently it is true).  There should be a monthly post up tomorrow, but today you get to peek at a day in the life of Claire!


Hello! I'm Claire from Chaotically Speaking! I'm a stay-at-home mommy to 12 month old Averlyn, but you can call her Avery, and wife to Bruce. I hope you enjoy a peek into my life!

7:30AM: I'm up automatically. Avery stirs, flops over onto her belly, and pushes up. She starts babbling. I assume she's telling me about the crazy dream she had. After a quick diaper change, we head downstairs and I hand her off to Grandma while I take a shower. (We're in the process of finding a new place, so we're staying with my family for the moment.)

7:50AM: I'm out of the shower and head down to find Avery chopping down some fresh peach. I fix her a cup of milk and scramble some eggs for the both of us. While I finish eating, she decides to help Grandma in the kitchen. Then we take out our dog, Dante. Avery enjoys walking him and flips out when she sees his leash. Dante, on the other hand, is less than thrilled.

9:00AM: Avery is constantly on the go. She goes from room to room talking, playing with her toys, chasing the dogs, and just being goofy. Daddy taught her how to kick a ball and now she always kicks at a ball when she sees it. She has an occasional snack of either rice cake or bell pepper. We spend the rest of the morning playing and spending time with each other.

12:00PM: Lunch time! Little Miss gets a tuna salad sandwich cut into bite-sized pieces, some blueberries, a few bites of tomato, and milk. I'm eating some leftovers from last night. Nothing too exciting. After she's done eating, Avery decides it's time for her and Grandpa to go inspect the vegetable garden. Avery comes back in for a few gulps of water and then drags me back outside.

12:45PM: We head inside to cool off for as long as Avery will allow. She's loving the hot weather and being outside, if you couldn't tell :) . She hangs out with Grandma while I wash Bruce's camis and other various military gear to pack for his upcoming training. After I'm done, it's time to see if Avery will go down for a nap. It's a no go. She's weaned herself down to no naps for some odd reason.
2:05PM: We get a call from Daddy! Avery sees me talking on the phone so she picks up her toy phone and walks around talking on it. Then, it's back outside. This time, we take her doll. Apparently, dolls need fresh air too. Avery walks around carrying her doll and showing it all the different things.

2:30PM: We come back inside for another snack and some more water. I quickly assemble the ingredients I need to make a fresh strawberry pie, then it's back outside to test out her new water table that she got for her birthday! It's a hit! She gets soaked, so we have to come in and change clothes. All I can find quickly is a MU Tigers cheerleading style dress. So, I guess she's representing our college team. Go Tigers!

4:30PM: Daddy's home for the day. Avery lights up when she sees him and it just melts my heart. She babbles at him about her day while they relax on the couch. She's super clingy when he first gets home, so now is my time to catch up on anything I need to do. Today, I catch up on a few blogs, my e-mail, and make the strawberry pie.

6:00PM: Time for dinner. Tonight, we're having chicken enchiladas and a side of peas. So good! I try to feed Avery a Gerber toddler meal, but she's not having any of it. She wants what we're eating, which is fine, I just don't worry about the spiciness. We let her have a taste and she's happy, so she ends up having chicken enchiladas too. After dinner, it's playtime. Daddy puts her on her rocking horse and she's a happy camper.

7:00PM: We wind down playtime and it is time for Avery's bath. Tonight, she's not feeling like taking forever, so she plays for about 10 minutes and then decides she is done with her bath. We take her out, lotion her up, and put on pajamas. She nurses and then falls asleep. I'm trying to wean her, but she just got on a good sleep schedule, so I'm not forcing the end of the nightly nurse session.
8:00PM: Bruce and I pop in a movie -- Predators while we eat some of the dessert I made. He's wanted to see it for ages, but we just got the DVD from Netflix. I watch while chatting with one of my friends online. After the movie is over, it's bedtime, finally!
1. What's the most surprising thing about being a mom?
How easily I put her needs above mine. She is the foremost thought in everything I do.
2. What are some tips you would give to new moms, or soon-to-be moms?
Be flexible and do what works for you. When I was pregnant, I swore I would never co-sleep. After having a newborn, I caved and it's been great for me!
3. What are your top three baby products?
1 - The Moby wrap. This was my life saver when I had a baby who was clingy only to her mama.
2 - Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I never really left Avery for any noticeable length of time, but on those rare occasions, it was a life-saver.
3 - Fisher Price Hoppy Days Bouncer. This made taking a shower possible.


Thank you for sharing your day with us Claire!

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Nikki said...

Nice to meet you guys! I can't believer Avery doesn't nap...how crazy!