June 24, 2011

this and that

::  When we were flying home from Georgia, I must have lost my driver's license, because that thing is no where to be found.  Finally on Tuesday I headed to the dreaded Driver's License Station to get a new one.  I brought my passport, an old license, my social security card and a bill that had been mailed to our house to use as proof of address.  The guy at the check in desk wouldn't let me in line because my two photo IDs didn't match the name on my bill.  And they don't accept a social security card as proof of identity.  He told me to trek back home and find my marriage license and come back.  Boo.

So I went home, and honestly, we couldn't find our marriage license anywhere.  We found a certificate from the church, but I didn't know if that counted, or if I needed something official from the courthouse.  So I called to check what they would accept.  The lady who answered the phone told me the guy at the front was nuts, and my married name was already in the system so it didn't matter.  No marriage license needed.  Ugh.  I love wasting my time :o).  For the record, I do have a license now.

::  I saw this on pinterest today, and thought I needed to tape it by my bed.  Seeing as the little miss has been waking up at 5:30 for over a week now.  Honestly I'm not sure how many wonderful things happen that early in the morning, but I am trying to be optimistic here!

::  Yesterday I joined a gym.  Like a super fancy gym by my standards.  I settled on Lifetime Fitness.  The club was a little intimidating when I first walked in, but you don't have to sign a year long contract or anything, they have a kick butt outdoor pool that we can use, and I got two personal training sessions when I signed up.  Now I have no excuse not to work out.  It gives Ryann and I something to do during the day.  Which leads me to...

::  Today was Chris's first day of residency, so I figured what better day to start at the gym.  I barely slept last night, I was super worried about leaving Ryann in the child care center.  Even though the people I met were super nice.  And it looked really clean.  And all of the kids there yesterday were happy.  I was terrified about it.  I was worried she would cry the whole time.

This morning Ryann was the first kiddo there (like I said she is getting up at 5:30, why not be at the gym at 8?).  A lovely lady named Bee was in charge of her area.  As soon as we walked in she squirmed out of my arms and went straight for the toys.  And didn't look back.  I was amazed.  The girls in there told me she did great!  She asked for me a time or two, but was content when they said I'd be back soon.  It was fantastic... until I was paged 20 minutes in to my workout because she fell and got a bloody nose.  

Kids fall, it happens, and I have faith that she wasn't doing anything ridiculous and not being watched.  But seriously?  Bloody nose on day one?  The first time she has ever been watched by anyone but family?  Geez.  Really though I just hope she isn't traumatized, and does just as great when we go back on Monday.

::  Lunch is the most baffling meal of the day for me.  I never know what to have.  And end up eating the same thing everyday.  Which is no fun.  I'm not really in to salads, and it has to be quick and easy.  And healthy.  What is your favorite lunch that fits that criteria?  Do you frequently eat the same thing?

::  On that note, I am seriously craving anything and everything unhealthy.  All I want is cookies and pasta and pizza and ice cream and chips and guacamole and margaritas.  Why????????  Boo to carrot chips and salad.  Why can't I lose weight eating brownies?

Hope your weekend is fantastic :o).


Bri {collected} said...

We are obsessed with Lifetime Fitness this summer. All of us wives that are currently in STL go every day. Rilo LOVED it for the 1st month but now has a harder time. She cries when I leave her, but is fine the rest of the time. I think it's the age. She has NEVER had stranger danger or been clingy, but all of a sudden she is. It's weird.

Also, for lunch...we do this eating/exercise plan so here are some of the lunch meals we have. Low carb bread with turkey, laughing cow cheese and tomato. Brown rice with black beans, chicken, corn and salsa. Pita pizza, which is a low carb pita pocket, Stubbs bbq sauce, pinneapple, ham and low fat cheese. Yogurt, mixed with cottage cheese, strawberries and Kashi cinnamon Heart to Heart (love this!). Good luck with the gym/lunch!

Shelly said...

Andy and Kylie have gone to Life Time for years!

and for the record, I don't like salad either..

Kelly said...

I had to start going to the gym before Carter wakes up because he would pitch an absolute fit every time I brought him to gym-nursery. I would get two minutes into my workout and they would page me. I have never seen him so hysterical so I just gave up on bringing him.

A favorite lunch time meal is a smoothie and half a sandwich. I add protein powder and lots of greens into the blender and it is really filling!

Molly Meisenzahl said...

Ashley! I used to work at Lifetime in Lenexa - like up until 2 months ago i was still lifeguarding on weekend. Its a GREAT facility! If i was still working there i'd drive out there just for their group fitness classes. I STRONGLY recommend the Barbell Strength class on Saturdays at 9:30. it fills up fast so get there early. The pool is phenomenal and so are the swim lessons. they also have parent toddler classes too, to get the little ones acquainted with the water.

When you posted the other day about a gym with good child care, i almost suggested Lifetime but I didn't know how close in proximity it was to you. The snacks/food aren't great but i really loved the smoothies. That place is worth every penny... even though my membership was free.

Ashley said...

I Nanny 3 kids during the day so I'm lucky if I get to eat anything by like 3 pm. I usually buy a lot of steamer meals. They have a ton of different kinds and they are healthy and delicious.

Brenna said...

I am SO jealous. One of the things I miss from the states- rockin gyms with daycares! We have gyms on post here but they do not offer daycare. Ugh!
The lunch I have been loving... a quesadilla using a spinach tortilla filled with spinach leaves and onions and about a 1/4 cup of cheese!! YUMMY! Dip it in salsa!

Anonymous said...

I was told by my doctor/dietician that when you're craving any kind of Carbohydrate/Sugar, you need to eat a Protein. Considering I love any kind of junk food ever, it's been difficult! The trick that worked best for me is to find out what kind of food with protein you want. Yogurt, cottage cheese, edamame, turkey bacon, eggs or just egg whites, meat (all kinds of meat, but poultry is the best) have been my first choice. Sandwiches work the best for me. Portion out the meat so you can just plop it out onto the bread. And eat 12 grain or multi-grain bread. It fills you up much more than just white/wheat bread.

Hope it helps!

Ali Rockwell said...

Rice cakes with hummus and turkey on top is one of my favorite easy lunches... especially if you toast it!

Lisa said...

I eat the same thing for lunch almost every day...usually a salad. I'll go about 4 or 5 months in a row eating the same thing till I get sick of it and then switch to something else.

Lately I've been buying fresh-made tomato and mango salsa from Whole Foods, and using it as salad dressing over an arugula and avocado salad.

I wish the gyms around here had babysitting....none do so I end up doing workout videos in my living room at 6 am.

Nicole said...

I'm right there with you on lunch. Love the above suggestions!