June 24, 2011

iphone pics

I never got around to posting my iphone pictures from last week on Monday, so I figured I'd throw them up before I have next week's stock piled too.


And a little rundown on what you're looking at...  a tasty little breakfast sandwich.  A mini whole wheat bagel, one side smeared with crunchy peanut butter, the other with nutella, with banana slices in the middle.  Heaven!  ::  Ryann and Daddy in the park.  ::  That sad little red face is all because we went outside and got in the car, instead of getting out the chalk.  ::  Snack time bliss  ::  Playing in mommy and daddy's bed.  ::  CHALK!  ::  Watching Kung Fu Panda with baby Abby.  Oy.  ::  Big eyes and a mouth full of bell pepper.  ::  Napping at grammy and papa's.  ::  Evening boat ride  ::  My parent's cat craves attention from everyone.  Ryann doesn't care.  ::  Making a marker tower.  ::  Another evening boat ride.  ::  TADS TROPICAL SNO!  Yum.  ::  She loves to give Little People rides on that toy.  ::  My heart is melting.  Trying to be just like her mama!  ::

Here are a few that are really old, that I don't think ever made it on the blog.  But I really like them.  So they are being shared :o).

these pajamas might have been a bit eccentric for the grocery store... oh well.
Ryann requested this be placed on her birthday list for next year :o)
Our house has been taken over.
Just chillaxin' on a walk.

Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

My sisters and I always asked for a barbie ferrari and never got one. I hope Ryann gets one so she isn't scared for life like us :) where did you do your pic collage? It's so much more organized then mine

Ashley said...

I made it in photoshop. You could probably do something similar in paint, or download picasa or something. Sorry that isn't much help!

Sharstin said...

Love all the Picts, and your trip looks like a blast:)