June 23, 2011

georgia vacation, part three

The conclusion.  I think so anyway.  And this time I'm pretty much just throwing in photos.  Because I'm too lazy for the play by play.  Essentially we ate.  We went to the beach.  We ate some ice cream.  We slept.  Yep.  About sums it up.  Chris, his mom and I did visit an old fort on the island, and some shopping happened, but that is about it!

just hangin' out on the porch
ugh.  this picture would have been better if the catch lights weren't in the middle of her pupils, but I still like it.
more berbert (sherbet) please!
We had some delicious Mexcian food for lunch (yummy shrimp tacos!).  And they served their margaritas in mason jars.  Love it. 
She spent more than five minutes pulling handfuls of sand out of the bucket and rubbing it on her belly.
Chris caught some little fish and a couple stingrays!

So sad, only 'decent' picture I took of her in that dress.  It was adorable!  Why was it the only one, you might ask.  Well, that was the evening that Ryann flat out slapped me in the face.  Not flailing oops I accidently hit mommy.  She turned around and palm to cheek slapped me in the face.  I have no idea where she got the idea it was ok to hit.  She was frustrated because we were out to dinner and I wouldn't let her run around the restaurant, mean mommy, I know.  And she hit me.  I quickly grabbed her hand and told her sternly 'no thank you'.  Her face said it all, she knew exactly what she did was wrong.  And she hasn't done it again, yet anyway.

What was she doing?  Playing peek-a-boo of course!
Everyone except my mom right before we left for the airport.
Snuggling with daddy, and then with the new monkey Grandma bought.

Let's talk a little bit about our return flight.  When you book the flight it sounds absolutely amazing.  It leaves Jacksonville at 4:05, gets in to Kansas City by 6:30.  Perfect right?  Except that only leaves you a 30 minute layover in Nashville.  And when your flight out of Jacksonville is delayed?  You're screwed.  Which of course, is what happened.

The guy working our gate was very nice, and quickly rebooked us on a different flight.  The flight made two stops, Dallas and Houston, before it went to KC.  We were barely on the ground for the stops and didn't have to change planes.  But think about that one.  We were on the same plane for over FIVE hours.  Yes I know other kids have probably survived similar situations, and Ryann did alright.  For about four hours.  The last hour was miserable for all three of us.  We felt bad because she was overtired and ready for bed.  We felt bad because she wasn't exactly quiet.  I felt bad because she wanted NOTHING to do with me, and just wanted to squirm around on Chris.  But we survived, and did eventually make it home.  In the future though?  Probably not booking that flight.


Baby Shopaholic said...

Such a cutie! P has the polka dot suit too!

Kate said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that i linked up to you! www.hagensnest.blogspot.com - Your weight loss has really kicked me into gear.. thank you!!

Nikki said...

These are some great vacation photos.

We're dealing with the slapping in the face when she's frustruated as well. It's tough because it drives me up a wall, but I know she's just learning her boundaries. I also have no diea where she got the idea to hit...it must be a human instinct thing.