June 25, 2011

just some videos

Ok several videos.  I couldn't resist.  I've had some cute ones (in my opinion obviously) hanging around and decided it was about time they hit the blog.

First off, the water table turned out to be a success.  The video is a bit long.  Surprise surprise.

Chris got out the hose to do some watering.  My child who didn't like swimming pools at the time, loved being sprayed with the hose.  Ok well I'm sure if he full out sprayed her she wouldn't have been too happy, but I love her dorky little laugh in this video.

I think I've mentioned before that Ryann loves a book called Shake a Leg.  We got her on camera doing a pretty good job with all of the prompts.

Ryann loves animal crackers.  She is usually pretty forceful with her requests for them.

Oh you know, just trying to show off my little smarty pants.  Sorry I can't help it.  All of our kids are the smartest ones out there right?  Obviously.  :o)

One of Ryann's favorite things to do right now, is go to the park and swing.  She used to want out of the swing the second we put her in it, but now it is cool.  I missed her most excited moments when we asked her if she wanted to go, so I tried to do it again.  She was a bit peeved that we hadn't left the house yet...

And baby girl doing what she loves.

Wow.  Ok, I suppose that is enough videos for right now :o).


Pamela said...

She is sooooo super smart!!!! Mine is 13 months and just starting to talk a lot! I am so excited!

Nicole said...

I had to laugh out loud at the park video! I think when you have your own babies you so much enjoy watching videos of others. Thanks for sharing!