November 2, 2011

just an icky kind of day

I forgot to send out a reminder to this week's day in the life poster, so she wasn't quite ready.  Forgive me, hopefully I will have that post for you soon!

Well, it turns out the wee one didn't have just a cold.  Last night while Christopher was giving Ryann a bath I heard, "Hey babe?  Your baby has a rash.  Like all over her body."  Oh great, just what I wanted to hear of course.

After a quick once over of all of her symptoms, he is pretty sure that she picked up a mild case of roseola.  Google told me roseola usually starts with an upper respiratory illness, followed by three to seven days of a high fever accompanied with a decreased appetite and irritability.  Wednesday afternoon I sent Christopher a text, "I think the wee one might be getting a cold.  Her breathing sounds a little icky over the monitor, and she has been coughing and sneezing during nap."  By Friday afternoon she sounded pretty congested, and Friday evening she spiked a fever.  I never took her temperature, but she didn't seem extremely feverish.  It did come and go Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  And she barely ate anything between midday Friday and Monday night.  Besides chocolate of course.  Thank you Halloween.  Oh and the rash was nearly all gone this morning.

At first I felt incredibly guilty for taking her out at all over the last several days, but google also told me that generally children exhibiting symptoms are not contagious anymore.  Children spread the disease before anyone knows that they have it.  Nonetheless I decided today we would stay in the house ALL DAY LONG to hopefully get in some rest.  It is kind of rainy, Ry is still a little extra sleepy, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.  She is definitely acting more like herself and ate all of her breakfast and lunch today, hooray!  I'm hoping she wakes up tomorrow morning feeling like a new girl.

But staying in all day?  I can't remember the last time we did that.  Man, it is boring!  Since I'm wanting her to do some 'resting', we have watched a little TV (which meant I got to browse pinterest on my phone, score).  However that (the TV watching for Ry) can get boring pretty fast too, so I'm trying to keep things interesting.  We got rid of our ball pit when it acquired several holes, but while putting a stinky diaper in the garage I saw Ry's itty bitty swimming pool.  And we had a ball pit.  It of course was only entertaining for a little while too, but I'm trying!

Please excuse the super grainy photos.  It is rainy and my house has terrible lighting.  And I need a new camera with better ISO capabilities, right?  :o)


On a completely different note (sorta, it is still all about Ryann around here), there were a couple things that I didn't include in Ry's 19 month post that I should have.  Like how she loves to tease me now.  For example, I've been enjoying some pumpkin butter on my toast in the mornings.  "Mommy have jelly?"  "Nope, mommy is eating toast with pumpkin butter."  "Mommy have jelly?"  "No, pumpkin butter."  "Jelly?"  "Pumpkin butter."  "Jelly?"  "Okay, jelly."  And then she giggles.  She knows exactly what she is doing.

She also finds it hilarious to add a 'ee' sound onto the ends of words.  Yesterday she asked me if we could "go outside-zee."  "You want to go outside?"  "Outside-zee."  Followed of course by lots of giggles.  I also hear shoe-zees, milk-ee, nap-ee, lunch-ee.  As soon as I correct her she either repeats it her way or busts out laughing.  Interesting sense of humor.  :o)

Lastly, sometimes when Ryann is being goofy while talking, singing a song, or really excited about something she is eating, she does this funny little arm dance.  She puts up both hands and kind of moves her arms up and down.  Ugh, I can't describe it, but it is so funny.  I know I'll almost never be able to capture it on camera (video or still) because it is so random and inconsistent.  But I get really excited when she busts it out.  It means she is really having a good time.


sabrina @ baby loves said...

she is too cute! glad to hear she is on the mend :)

Nikki said...

aww, hope she is all better in the morning.

The ball pit looks so fun, but I'm pretty sure that my boys would do more trowing balls than playing with them in the pit. I'm not complaining though, I know one day I will miss the constant tripping I do over balls.

modern Suburbanites said...

so cute, glad she is doing better!