November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

Now of course I can't post pictures from this year, without popping in one from last year.  That just wouldn't be right would it?  How cute was my little Tinkerbell last year?  Too cute.


We had plans to go to two different Halloween parties, a Halloween brunch, and trick-or-treating.  Unfortunately the little miss wasn't feeling so hot this whole weekend.  We still tried to go out for some fun, but were at both parties for an hour or less, didn't make it to brunch, and only went to two different houses.  The good news?  Ryann still makes an adorable penguin.  And now I will just dump a bunch of photos.  Enjoy :o).

my poor sweet little baby.  it is no fun having a cold :o(.

Costume details... if you couldn't tell, Chris was supposed to be a polar bear.  We never found white sweatpants and decided we didn't really care.  Just wasn't worth it to stress about it.  My mom made some ears and lightly attached them to the hood.  They came off without a problem and now Chris has a white jacket if he wants it.  My mom hand sewed all of those feathers onto my snow owl costume (a white cotton dress from American Apparel).  She apparently has lots of patience and loves me lots too (or she did, until I asked her to make me an owl costume).  I hand drew the mask and cut it out of felt, my mom of course sewed it together.

Ryann's costume was also partially made by Grammy.  She put together the dress using this pattern, and loosely attached the white belly.  It should come off pretty easily if we want to go ahead and use the dress for something.  The penguin hat I ordered off etsy from this seller.  We ended up ordering her converse from Journey's, it was harder than heck to find them!  And her cute little trick or treating bag?  Yeah, my mom made that too.  What would I do without her?

Hope everyone had a fun filled Halloween!


Krissy said...

Love yall's costumes, your mom rocks!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I love the yellow chucks for her penguin feet. So smart and now she has adorable yellow shoes to wear! Great idea. Your owl costume is beautiful. Your mom MUST love you!

modern Suburbanites said...

so adorable! i love all of the costumes!

Erin said...

Awesome costumes!! Of course Ryann's is adorable, but I really like yours the best! So cute! I personally am kind of a costume hater (for myself) so I'm glad that now that I have a kid I probably will never need to dress up again :)

Tysie said...

Precious little penguin! The whole fam looks super cute - Happy (late) Halloween!

Jennifer said...

Love Ryann's face in the first pic of you holding her.

Sarah said...

You guys look super adorable. All the costumes turned out so cute! Ryann is the cutest little penguin I have ever seen!

Kelly said...

You guys look great! I love when the whole family dresses up :) That Tinkerbell costume from last year is just precious.

CoreysGal said...

The yellow converse kill me! She looked so cute! And the bag -did you get that from Pinterest? Check out my blog for the exact same idea that my mother in law made for me which was inspired by a pin! We have good moms.


Ashley said...

Yes, the bag idea came from pinterest! Moms really are the greatest aren't they? I guess I need to learn to sew so that I can be awesome someday too...

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love the pic of daddy and penguin walking hand in precious!

Sharstin said...

k--these costumes are so cute! i adore--how cute is ryann's lil penguin getup--and love yours too~ so creative!

Leslie G said...

Such a cute penguin. I love her expression in the first penguin pic you posted! Just adorable!