November 27, 2011

week in iphone pics

For some reason I'm really lacking the motivation for this lately... the motivation to get out my camera all the time (either camera) and also the motivation to put this post together.  But I love being able to go back and revisit our weeks.  So I won't stop.  Oy.


Grammy was in the mood to bake cookies, and Ryann loves to bake cookies (aka, eat dough/lick the spatula/eat chocolate chips) so we decided to whip up some peanut butter blossoms.  Unfortunately Ryann had a complete meltdown when we wouldn't let her eat the entire bowl of dough.  So we decided to distract her with a little arts and crafts.  But painting quickly got out of control and messy :o).  It ended in a bath in the laundry room sink.


Monday we had a playdate with Jenn and JT, but of course I neglected to take any pictures of the two little houligans.  Jenn's friend was there with an itty bitty seven week old baby (only 5lbs 3oz when she was born!).  I love me some itty bitty baby snuggling.  Ryann of course cried.  She was extra happy about meatballs for dinner though.  And hanging out with her daddy before bedtime.


Ryann is always in the pantry.  ALWAYS.  We relocated all of her snacks up a bit higher so she couldn't reach, but that doesn't stop her from trying to open all packages and get herself a little treat.  We headed to another fun playdate, it involved painting and cute little kids making 'dinner'.  Piggies!!  And apparently girls night was too much for Ryann :o).  Ok she wasn't actually sleeping, the flash from the phone made her close her eyes, but she was extremely wiped and just wanted to go home, which explains the head on the table.  We were at the restaurant almost two hours, so I would say she was a trooper!


Grammy came to play, and helped us make some pumpkin brownies to have for Thanksgiving.  Ryann was obviously pretty content.  And laundry.  Seriously?  How does this happen every week?  I know I could do a load a day or something so it doesn't build up like this, but then I would feel like I was doing laundry all the time.


Daddy had to work and the gym was open, so we started Thanksgiving off like any other day.  I definitely felt a wee bit better about indulging after knocking out 4 miles.  I actually managed 5k in 27 minutes on the treadmill!  It was pretty bright out, so Ryann requested sunglasses in the car.  Rather stylish :o).  Ryann totally took over the game of washers at our family gathering.  And was completely spoiled at what I would like to call Christgiving.  Christopher's family doesn't all get together for Christmas, so they pass out some presents at Thanksgiving.  Ryann scored a mountain of playdoh gear, and spent the evening playing with it.


Ryann and I headed back to grammy's house, and as soon as Ryann saw Auntie Lorin she requested Tom and Carl.  Side note, she totally insisted on wearing 'the gingers' the night before (even though they were dirty) and didn't want to take them off.  Silly, silly girl.  We headed to a little boy's 1st birthday party that afternoon.  Ryann was a happy camper (as was I) thanks to the frozen yogurt bar.  I was also extremely happy to see my friend Kelsey, who has ditched the midwest for an exciting life in DC :o).  Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents, and then drove to 'Winter Wonderland', a two mile strip of Christmas light displays.  Ryann loved the tunnels of lights.  And she seriously loves that damn talking cat too much.  He makes her so stinkin' happy.


Saturday was Thanksgiving part two.  Chris drove over since he managed a day off, and we had a couple friends over as well.  My mom put together an amazing meal, and I managed to whip up some awesome gravy, if I do say so myself.  Ok for the most part all I did was stir, but I stirred for a long time (like 30 minutes!) so I'm claiming it my success.

It definitely was a nice week.  I love the holidays.  Pink puffy heart love.  They might not be so great for my waistline, but good food and good company warm my heart.

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amy@agoodlife said...

the holidays are sooo not good for my waistline either, but yup... they're my fave.

also, i hear you on losing motivation to get my camera out! i ask myself how the crap can i make the same ol' days look interesting? sometimes i feel like it takes too much effort. but i do love going back & looking at our weeks in the past. also, i find if i need a break i just take pictures here & there & lump 'em all together rather than feeling like i need 3-6 for every. single. day. like i did this week!

happy holidays!

jess ♥ said...

Great photos!!! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :D