November 13, 2011

week in iphone pics


Ryann was pretty pumped about her motorcycle boots.  Here papa rides a motorcycle so anything I tell her is motorcycle related is pretty awesome.  She took off her hat and put it back on by herself... she didn't see why this style wasn't right.  A cute little filler picture because I didn't take very many.  Grammy and papa were in Georgia for almost two weeks so we talked to them on the computer a lot.


We had a little playdate with JT.  Of course I couldn't get the two of them to sit still long enough to get a 'good' picture, so that will have to do.  Ryann gave him the cold shoulder most of the time while he was over, but stood at the door forever after they left telling him to come back.  And yes, my daughter is special.  I'm not sure why she thinks it is a great idea to play with a bucket on her head.  It took her a while to fall asleep for nap, and then she slept until after 5pm.  She was a wee bit groggy when she woke up, but rallied and ran around the house with beads on for quite some time.  And of course, always happy when daddy is home in the evenings.


Skeleton jammies and beads at 7am.  Just how your morning starts too right?  Eventually we got ready to brave the chilly morning and head to the gym.  On the way home we had to make a pit stop at the grocery store to grab some ingredients for dinner.  And this little munchkin, I am always catching her in the pantry lately.  She'll run off and find herself a little snack.  And our snack containers are absolutely not child proof apparently.  That day she thought it was really funny to try and sit in the pantry.  Oh, and Tuesday was pretty epic.  She ate the same dinner that Chris and I ate.  Score.


We (I) opted to go to the gym a little later than usual, so we spent the morning playing at home.  Apparently the potty seat makes a good chair for sitting and eating your snack while mommy fixes her hair...  I'm not sure what her goofy face was for, but I loved her outfit that day.  Such a cute little sweater coat from Old Navy.  I got a fabulous little package in the mail, I won't spill all the details until Friday, but get excited :o).  We were super goofy during lunch.  And apparently Ryann was a little crazy in her crib during nap, seeing as I found her mid strip when she woke up.


Thursday = mommy days.  And today instead of spending six hours cleaning and doing laundry, I went shopping :o).  Found a fun teal coat I love from Forever 21, only $28!  Score.  The reason I went to the mall was to see if I could really figure out what we are wearing for pictures.  Between the few things I bought and everything I pulled out of our closets I had a few options.  Go figure I still couldn't come up with something I really liked.  Thursday evening I gave Ryann a little pedicure.  She had a tough time deciding which color she wanted.


Friday we packed up and headed to grammy's house.  What is a must when we get to grammy's?  Grocery shopping of course.  After nap we headed to the florist shop that my mom used to work at.  We wanted to let Ryann see all the Christmas trees and decorations, because she was so excited about the ones at Target earlier in the week.  Her eyes were giant and her mouth was in a little 'o' most of the time we were there.  I can't wait for the holidays :o).  Oh, and apparently Ryann needs to work on her picnic etiquite.  She thought you were supposed to sit right in the middle of the blanket on all the food.


My little buddy helped me put on my make-up.  Slowly but surely she is becoming my little mini me.  I love it.  Still working on the photo shoot clothing situation.  Ryann played the piano with papa.  She also looked a wee bit confused about her bubble bath, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Krissy said...

Tell me about the epic dinner that R ate!? I can't get N to eat a meal these days....only snack food. And the same thing Chris and I eat- forget about it! I need ideas!

Lindsay said...

Loving Miss R's Tuesday boots!