November 29, 2011

this and that

::  I never did hear from the My Memories Suite giveaway winner, so I finally remembered to pick another one last night.  Comment #1, Amy (from the perfectly imperfect parent)!  How often does that happen?  Congrats Amy!  Leave me your e-mail and I'll get you the code for your free software.

::  A certain pretty little someone is 20 months old today.  Hold me!  Hopefully I'll manage a 20 month post in the near future...


::  Speaking of that little someone, Ryann has taken an extreme interest in using the potty (yes, potty training talk alert, if you aren't into that avert your eyes).  If I ask her if she wants to go she almost always says yes (I never force her if she says no) and even if her diaper is wet she will sit on that little red seat and force a few drops of pee in.  She has even dropped a #2 a few times.  But OMG we are not fully potty training yet and I have already spent WAY too much time sitting on the floor of my bathroom watching my child pee.

I'm having a wee bit of a dilemma on what to do now though.  She is great at going, but isn't keeping her diaper dry, and tells me maybe once a day that she wants to go.  I'm pretty sure if we went to underwear it would be accident city over here.  I don't think she is quite ready for that.  So do I just keep asking her if she wants to go?  Or do I just wait until she starts telling me?  Since she can 'make' herself go, I have no doubt she has some brain to pee function connection (whatever that means :o), but I don't know that she really knows before she needs to go.  Oy.  I'm thinking having her in diapers until she is 3 would be way easier (but um, a lot more expensive :o).

::  I haven't really had a chance to put up any Christmas decorations yet and I'm getting antsy!  Have you put up yours yet?  If you have, and posted pictures somewhere, leave me a link.  I'll live vicariously through you until later this week when I have some time to do my own.

::  I didn't do any shopping Friday thru Monday, and now I'm feeling like I should have.  Not that I have a ton of cash lying around to do shopping.  Just feeling a little left out on the retail therapy right now :o).  What great deals did you get?

::  Oh, and with the wee one being 20 months old, that means her second birthday is officially only four months away!  Since you guys told me it wasn't super lame, I am going to go with the alphabet theme.  My next dilemma?  Color scheme.  I don't want to use primary colors, but beyond that, I have WAY too many ideas swirling around in my head.  Part of me wants to go a vintage flashcard route, and the other part of me wants bright colors and glitter... :o).  Thoughts?

::  Happy Tuesday!


Dawn said...

on potty training: we made sure that Lorelei could always see the potty, so if she wanted to go (even if it was to just sit on it) it was easily accessible. We started her around 18 mos, but she was nowhere near ready so we didn't push it anymore. When she was about Ryann's age she started getting a little more interested and by the the time spencer was 2 months (they are 22 mos apart) she was fully potty trained.
I say, just let her go at her own pace, she'll let you know when she's ready. When she starts pull off her diaper because it's wet EVERY TIME for a week i'd say she was ready.

p.s. i hate potty training... and thinking that my son will be ready in at least 6 mos freaks me the heck out.

sabrina @ baby loves said...

okay, seriously she is so darn cute!

we did get some of our decorations up last week, before thanksgiving[i won that battle with my husband] but haven't gotten around to posting them yet.

i too, skipped the whole shopping thing this weekend, maybe a mistake on my part, i haven't started yet, period!

sabrina [stop by there are some great giveaways going on]

modern Suburbanites said...

she is so so so adorable!

Kelly said...

I am so not ready for potty training. Yikes. And if R's birthday is only four months away, that means C's birthday is only three and a half months away. Guess I better get on it and start planning!!!!

Sarah said...

Both party ideas are adorable but I am really liking the glitter one. She could help you make stuff too. Good luck with potty training. I dread it with the twins. I bought a potty today though!

Erin said...

I love Ryann's shirt!! I shouldn't even ask where you got it because .... Annie has tons of shirts but I will anyway :)

As for potty training - I'm with you... except Annie has yet to actually go. She loves sitting on the potty though. I cannot handle training her and then having it all fall apart when the new baby comes so we are just going to wait until later, but I think we'll do the 3 day method maybe toward the end of my maternity leave since I'll be home at least. I really don't think she's ready yet though since she only tells us after she poops, sometimes. Or she says "poop" literally one second before she poops. So .... yeah I don't know. Diapers just seem easier.

Love the alphabet theme and I like both decor options! Here are a few parties I loved when I was planning Annie's first birthday that fit with the theme too...

(amy) said...

Do you have underwear lying around? I always thought it was a helpful tool to let them have accidents a few times so they get the idea of what it feels like (sometimes it's not an obvious feeling in a diaper). Good luck! My daughter was almost 3 when I threw the diapers away and said sink or swim! she would have worn diapers her whole life. My son, potty trained himself at 2 1/2. He just said he was ready and he was!

Megan said...

I love the last picture of her!! Too cute!!

Here is a link to my post of some of my holiday decor!

Also I love your blog!!! Brightens my day! I love looking at all the things I get to look forward too when my almost 4 month old gets there!

Amy said...

So excited I won!!! Woo hoo!! Here is my email

Also on potty training- it is different for everyone but it sounds like Ryann is showing signs. Harper will be 2 next week and she is potty trained. She also started showing the same signs Ryann is probably 3 months ago but I was too lazy to do anything about it. But when she was telling me she had to go and then GOING I knew she was ready. So on a weekend that we had nothing going on, I put her in underwear, set a timer for every 30 minutes and took her to bathroom EVERY 30 FREAKIN MINUTES, she had 2 accidents that whole weekend and is now potty trained (except for night time and nap time, hell no, not going there yet!!) I say try the underwear, honestly it IS the feeling of being wet in underwear and clothes they hate. Good luck!!

Thanks again for the giveaway, I literally yelped out loud at work when I found out. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Happy 20 months to your little girl she is precious! I guess our girls are only 2 months apart since our little girl just turned 18 months.

Im another one who still hasnt decorated for Christmas but getting very antsy-maybe soon:)