November 20, 2011

week in iphone pics

Although I still have plenty to show, I was pretty terrible about pulling out my phone to take pictures this week.  Oh well, it was the thought that counts, right?


Ryann was browsing drawers in my room at my parents house.  She pulled out a box and found the mother load of stickers.  Seriously, it was crazy.  I must have been so cool with my stickers, there were like a million Lisa Frank... along with other various embarrassing selections :o).  We tried to bake some pumpkin cookies, the cookies didn't work out, but we turned them into muffins.  Ryann approved and tried to shove the entire thing in her mouth at once.


Monday we made our way back home.  We did some grocery shopping, some unpacking, some cleaning.  Then we got all gussied up and went to the park for some family photos.  Naturally Ryann tried to get as dirty as possible before the photographer ever arrived.


I would prefer not to have Ryann eat snack in the car.  In general I find it messy and dangerous.  But we tend to go from one thing to the next in the mornings so it happens pretty frequently.  Good news, she looks adorable with her snack in the car.  We met Sarah and the boys at Monkey Business.  Ryann actually figured out how to move herself around on one of the little cars.  While we were putting our shoes on to leave one of the boys tried to hold Ryann's hand.  She was NOT amused.  She was very happy to eat some lunch.  And we've been working on our surprised face, I think she about has it mastered.


Ryann has been loving her few pieces of play jewelry, so I handed her my jewelry box.  She was in heaven.  After I put her down for a nap I decided I wanted to throw the sheets in the wash that I threw down the laundry chute earlier in the week.  Um yeah.  I had to sort that mountain of dirty clothes to get to the sheets on the bottom.  And yes, I had done all the laundry exactly one week before.  While I was trying to clean stuff up, Ryann proceeded to make giant messes everywhere she went.  So is the life with a toddler I guess.


Every week Ryann insists on trying to carry her bags to the car when we head to MDO.  Apparently she is unaware that I got the backpack that is more than half her size!  While she was at school they made hand print turkeys.  It is the first piece of 'art' she has brought home and it seriously made me so giddy.  I'm sure I won't be thinking the same thing when the art begins to really pile up, but her little hand print was so cute.  And my child has a serious obsession with putting things in boxes.  She spent more than 30 minutes putting these books in and dumping them back out.


Daddy was on nights this weekend, BOO.  But that meant he was home with us in the morning on Friday.  I was packing up to head to grammy's house (yes, again), and I came out to the family room to find them snuggled up watching a robot movie.  Ryann has become obsessed with robots for some reason.  I had planned to run during Ryann's nap, but upon arriving to my mom's house I discovered they had some leftover weight watcher's recipe deep dish pizza.  That stuff is freaking amazing.  So I pawned Ryann off on my mom and pounded out 3.2 miles on the treadmill before indulging myself.  I wish there was still more left!  Friday evening Ryann treated me to a rock performance.  No biggie.


What is the little miss doing in the first picture?   Why dumping markers out of a box and putting them back in of course.  Seriously, she is obsessed with doing things like that!  Saturday morning we hit up Hobby Lobby (50% off the Christmas stuff, couldn't pass it up), and Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Michaels.  One craft store a day just isn't enough.  While papa was watching Ryann they apparently came across stuff from the summer I got married and decided to drag it downstairs.  Awesome, right?  While getting down Christmas stuff from the attic, my mom found my Muffy bears and clothes.  Ryann was very intrigued and stayed up late because she was having too much fun playing.  And look at those post bath curls, I wish it would stay like that all the time!!

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

I was terrible about taking pictures this week, but despite what you said, it looks like you got some amazing snaps! Super cute.

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