November 6, 2011

week in iphone pics

Last week Tara asked where our 'dipping' plates came from.  They are the Oxo Tot Divided plate.  I got mine at Buy Buy Baby, but you can find them on Amazon here.  Love those plates.  Sorry it took me so long to respond Tara!

My phone kind of crapped out on me a bit Sunday and Monday (ok in reality I have WAY too many pictures/apps/videos/etc on there) so some super cute pictures I took wouldn't save.  Lame.  Whatever, here is our week via my iphone!


Sunday consisted mostly of sick baby cuddling with lots of Mickey Mouse, Cars and football.  Definitely one of the days that Ryann felt the worst :o(.


Happy Halloween!  Ryann fell asleep in the car one the way home from my parents.  That hasn't happened in a long time (well, unless we leave at nap time, this was only like 9:45 in the morning).  The weather was great and daddy wasn't working, so we took a little afternoon family walk.  Ryann veered off the sidewalk and sat down in a random yard full of leaves.  Silly girl.  Unfortunately the car nap messed up the afternoon nap, so more sick/tired baby cuddling was necessary.  Hanging out after our short trick-or-treat adventure.  Ryann got to munch on some crunch bar.


Um, she sure knows how to rock her headbands...  Ryann was excited to go to the library, I thought for storytime.  But the second we were in there she was freaking out wanting to go in the main part of the library.  Little punk, she just wanted to play with the toys :o).  She was still pretty cranky that day.  I saw lots of tears.  After nap we enjoyed some outdoor time.  We also spent a lot of time playing with little fuzzy pom balls.  I have no idea why we were in my closet, but she saw them and had to have them.  Oh, and apparently standing in your basket of books it a good idea.


The day we never left the house, ahh!!  Good news, Ryann loves my little ball pit.  So much so, that when I really needed to go to the bathroom and she didn't want to leave the ball pit, she tried to bring it with.  I didn't make her come with me, I said I'd be right back when she wouldn't come, I heard a lot of fussing and whining and came back to find her trying to drag the thing through the gate.  We baked some healthy cookies (no butter, sugar, flour or eggs!) after nap.  They were pretty good, I'll share the recipe later this week.  We ended the night with a clean baby and a clean mommy, not too shabby.


Ryann slept in until like 7:00, so I got up and made an ambitious to-do list.  Unfortunately it took me FOREVER to get some beef stew going in the crock pot.  It did include a quick trip to the grocery store when I realized I didn't have any tomato sauce.  Lame.  My little girly was goofy after MDO.  And after dinner?  "Ryann have candy?  Ryann have a sucker?  Pease Mommy?"  It was too tough to say no to that.  Plus it made her so freaking happy.


Dude.  It is cold in the mornings now.  We have to bundle up!  Good news, I'm in love with the new hats I got from Totz Hatz.  Jackie does great work, and is wonderful to work with!  Sometimes I resort to desperate measures when I want a shower in the middle of the day.  I mean she thought eating snack while watching Mickey in the bathroom was pretty awesome.  One of our favorite things to do right now?  Put flashcards in the box.  Seriously, I can't tell you how long she has sat on the floor and done this the last few days.  That and sit on the floor with all her headbands.  She doesn't love to wear them for long, but is pretty proud that she can put them on by herself.


She caught her reflection in the car window and was ooohing and ahhing over her hat.  It was pretty funny.  I simply can't get over the cuteness of her in a hat.  Oh what is she doing?  Putting flashcards in a box.  Of course.  Seriously, it must be the coolest thing ever.  Daddy let Ryann sit in our friend Chris's truck, because she kept talking about the truck.  She didn't want to get out, "Go home in the truck?"  Newsflash kiddo, even if you did get to go home in the truck, we would still stick you in the back in a carseat, sorry.
Well, that was our week, how was yours?

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tara said...

Thanks ashley!

jeands said...

Ryann is such a darling, what is it with baby that they don't want us to put them headband? I have the same dilemma with my girl too. And I'll wait for that recipe to be posted would love to try that.

Great week!

Jennifer said...

I just got the iphone4s but with my 3gs I was having the same problem. I didn't want to lose any of my pictures from it so I transferred them to my external hard drive. I had 6.11gb of pics and videos on it!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I love your week in iphone pics posts! I'm getting a canon s100 for christmas (it's their new little point and shoot) and I'm planning on taking it with me everywhere so I can do some what we did this week posts of my own!

Amanda said...

I love, love, love your picture posts! I really want to get better at posting pictures! Maybe I can do a week in droid x pics?

Anyway, where did you get Ryann's carseat? & what brand is it? Thanks!

Ashley said...


Over at Amy's blog ( she definitely says you can link up any phone photos, not just iphone. Go for it!

And I got our carseat off Amazon.

Mrs. Williams said...

Awesome. Thanks so much!