July 12, 2012

embrace the camera - the berry patch


Woot!  Finally checked something off my summer list!  Sad, I know...  Anyway, on Tuesday my bestie and I took Ryann to The Berry Patch to pick blueberries.  I figured Ryann would find it fun because she really likes blueberries, and I was right.  I couldn't get that kid to put the berries in the bucket for the life of me.  All the blueberries went straight from the bush to her mouth. 

We (well me and Meg) didn't last too long because it was HOT.  I only took home just over half a pound of blueberries.  I think Ryann would have stayed a while longer just eating berries.  We had a good time, and will definitely be back again next year when it isn't quite so warm.

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Megan said...

How fun does this look!! Love the pictures of her just looking at the berries!!

And cheers to checking something off your list! You are looking awesome btw!

Jenny said...

Her hat! Her boots! I die of cuteness! And thanks for reminding me that it's Thursday and I need to do an embrace the camera post too. =)

BumbersBumblings said...

We did this a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! Great pics!

Danielle said...

She is adorable!!! Love those shoes!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

He he I bet Bennett would just squish them in his hands. But...it's still fun to do these kinds of things with them!