July 5, 2012

seven weeks


Last week I didn't think I'd get an early ultrasound to determine dates, but I was surprised on Friday by a nurse calling me with my HCG numbers (45,157!  Bam!) and asking me to schedule a dating ultrasound.  Double score.  So today I got to see my little bean.  It was great.  I was so worried there wouldn't be a heart beat, or something else would be wrong, or who knows, freaking more than one baby in there.  But everything is looking good.  Baby J 2.0 measured at exactly seven weeks (see docs, I do know my body!) and had a heart rate of 150bpm.  The tech did find an area of what she thinks is blood, her most probable cause being from implantation.  She said it is nothing to worry about, but they might want to do another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to see if it has resolved itself.  If she says not to worry, I'm not going to worry, and just hope that I get another peek at the babe :o).

how far along:  7 weeks

size of babyaccording to the bump a sweetpea, a mere .25 inches.  Baby should be sprouting some eyes, a nose, ears and cheeks this week!

weight gain: Still holding at one pound.  At one point last week I was down 1.5 from my starting weight, but my appetite for cheesy bread yesterday must have made up for it.  Although, TMI portion, men and squeemish family members avert your eyes, the ultrasound tech had a hard time locating my left ovary, and blamed it on the fact that I was incredibly 'backed up'.  Good to know, that is why I am super bloated and have gained a pound.  Off to find myself some more fiber...

maternity clothes:  nope

symptoms:  Had a few days last week that I felt incredibly miserable.  I was exhausted, irritable and absolutely nothing sounded good to eat.  Yesterday I felt a bit better, and today I've actually been feeling pretty good.

exercise: Morning sickness, aka feeling like crap for a few days definitely swayed my interest in working out.  I simply could not make myself feel good enough early enough in the morning to go for a run, and the heat is pretty miserable after 7am.  I still managed to squeeze in four workouts including a 4 mile run and a 6.5 mile run/walk, but the other two were only 20 minutes on an elliptical and a 2.5 mile walk.  Hoping to do a little better this week, but I'm not holding my breath.

cravings/aversions:  Barely anything besides carbs and french fries sound good to eat.  The only healthy thing I'm craving is apple slices with peanut butter, but I guess that is better than nothing.  A couple days ago I was eating some turkey taco salad, bit into a black olive and nearly tossed my cookies on the table.  So olives are definitely on my NO list.

movement:  nope

sleep: Not too terrible this week.  I'm napping about an hour (or two, whoops) in the middle of the day, and sleeping pretty good at night.  Occasionally I'll wake up in the middle of the night to pee, but not as consistently as the last couple of weeks.  Usually by the time I lay down I am exhausted, and I do find myself pissed off when I don't fall asleep right away.

gender:  With all the people I know having girls this time around, I figure ours has to be a boy.  When I was pregnant with Ryann everyone was having a boy, so I would assume it is only natural for the same pattern to occur this time!

looking forward to:  Getting out of the first trimester so I can feel a bit more at ease, finding out if we're having a boy or a girl, decorating a nursery... you know, things I'm going to have to wait a bit for.

worries: Seeing the babe's heartbeat today has calmed my nerves a bit in the miscarriage department, and now my fears are turning to Ryann.  I know I really want her to have siblings.  Christopher was an only child and he wants her to have siblings.  But we are going to rock her world.  She has been the center of a lot of people's universes for quite some time.  I know it will all work out, but I'm scared she is going to hate me.  I love her so much, and I know everyone says your heart just doubles in size when you bring home another baby, but what if it doesn't?  How am I going to give them both enough love?

what's different this time: The ability to nap!  I was working while pregnant with Ryann, so I could maybe squeeze a half hour nap in over my lunch break, but it was curled up on a love seat in a room with other people.  Now when I'm feeling tired, I can lay IN MY BED when Ryann goes down for her nap (assuming she actually naps) and take a glorious 1-2 hour nap.  It is amazing.

milestones:  I'm going to go with seeing Baby J 2.0's heartbeat.  So happy :o)

best moment this week: Seeing my little blob and his/her heartbeat of course!  We have also told a couple more people about the pregnancy including my bestie which is fun.  Hopefully it will start sinking in soon that in oh, you know, about seven short months we will have another baby!

Baby J 2.0 on the ultrasound at 7 weeks

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