July 6, 2012

week in iphone pics + a video

I'm aware I'm totally failing at blogging these last few weeks.  But I'm over it.  And I figure anyone who is really upset about it can just move on anyway, right?  If you love me you'll stick around :o).  Here are my iphone pictures from last week...


lazy morning.  plasma cars.  mini sun goddess.  making dinner complicated.  going bonkers.  worn out.  blanket overload.  "take a wake up picture."  world's most annoying and attention starved cat.  sad about the mess.  hiding from bath time.  first trip to Tad's.

And as promised, the 'Grand Old Flag' video.

Pretty cute, right?  :o)


Meaghan said...

love, love, love that kid.

Amanda said...

The Grand Old Flag video is amazing! You weren't kidding about her knowing the words to songs. I don't think I could even sing the song word for word. Haha :)

The Bignon Family said...

OMG- seriously!! How smart is she??? I think that is what they have third graders learning in school! Too cute!

Southern Belle Mama said...

She is just precious! A star in the making! Have a great weekend.

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