July 11, 2012

week in iphone pics

While putting these together I realized I didn't take a SINGLE picture on my phone on the 4th of July.  I barely took any pictures that day.  Blogger/mommy fail.  Oh well.  Picture swimming and food.  That is pretty much what happened.  We were at my parents, and didn't think we could  make it through the fireworks (all three of us were pretty tired) so we opted to get in the car around 8:30pm and head home.  Ryann played Monkey Preschool Lunchbox the ENTIRE way home.  No joke, she loves that game.  Definitely her favorite right now.  The funniest part of the drive home, we were trying to point out random fireworks to her, but she was having a hard time seeing them.  At one point she said, "Um, I'm just going to go back to playing my game," in this sort of sad matter of fact voice.  It was hilarious.  We pulled into KC at just the right time to see at least three fireworks shows from the highway, and Ryann did get to see those.  She was so cute, saying "Bang!  Bang!  Colorful!  Look at all the colors!"

Anyway... phone pics...


watching the water.  eyelashes.  twinkies.  swimming with my bestie.  baking with grammy.  making a mess for grammy :o).  the best part.  piano with papa.  my girl.  goofy faces.  dinner is not a time for shirts, apparently.  daddy builds the best forts.  hand holding for comfort.  bobcat yard art.  tree hugger.  my hot date.  and our adorable third wheel.  pretty girl.


Southern Belle Mama said...

Before I even looked at your captions I was thinking, "Look at that little treehugger!" So swet!

Kelly said...

C loves Monkey Lunchbox. Definitely one of my favorites too even though I'm pretty sure he hits the wrong buttons on purpose.