July 23, 2012

week in iphone pics

Weeks, actually.  I didn't realized I missed one, but I suppose that isn't surprising since the blog has been sort of at the bottom of the totem pole lately.  Oh well.

July 8th - July 14th

enjoying the 90 degree weather (gag).  loving the swings.  sticker attack.  good morning.  long time no see, chalk.  blueberries!  happy little picker.  time to go.  goobers.  goobers part two.  stepping stone love.  snack time at the gym.  fort loving girl.  what happens when you shop with daddy.  my attention whore of a cat.

July 15th - July 21st

outfit of choice.  little owl craft.  doc mcRyann.  shopping entertainment.  looking like a pro.  FRENCH BRAIDS.  my favorite workout top.  coloring.  bath time cutie.  jewelry like grandma 'nita.  splash park.  catching the water.  lunch time.  stencils.  silly princess.  little miss preppy.  ryann and daddy.  goofy kisses.

Despite all the triple digit heat lately, we are still managing to have some fun.  But I'd be lying if I said I was enjoying it.  I'm dreaming of 60 degree fall days and hours at the park in a light jacket.  I thought I loved summer, but, well, this kind of blows.  Thankfully Ry loves to color, because we do a LOT of it lately.  But she is getting stir crazy, and I'm getting stir crazy and tired of thinking of ways to entertain ourselves indoors.  Relief is coming soon, right?  Right...

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Mrs. Williams said...

The weather here is ridiculous too (along with the humidity)... I am so ready for fall!

lindsay said...

i give you mad props for actually keeping up with everything. i would have just thrown in the towel and considered a couple weeks lost ;) oh well. we live where summers are brutal (like 110+ degree days brutal) and it's SO hard for me to think of stuff to do inside all day with the little dude. he is only 15 months so i'm not lucky yet to be able to do coloring and crafts (we tried that last week and it was a total fail). there are only so many pools and splash pads you can go to ;) i am DREAMING of fall/winter, it's the best time of the year for people like us out in this dreadful heat. then again, i will have a newborn once october hits so i'm expecting to be a brainless zombie at that time. ;)