July 15, 2012

potty training irony

Yes.  Potty training and toddler bodily functions.  If you have no interest feel free to move on.

This weekend we weren't supposed to have any real plans.  So I figured it was probably the perfect time to suck it up and potty train the wee one.  She has been pooping in the toilet for over a month (asking me to use the bathroom when she needs to).  She regularly pees in the toilet when I sit her on there, and will sometimes tell me after she wets her diaper.  Readiness signs, no?  Not to mention we know this kid is smart, so I figured she would just get it.

Now, ok, I didn't do a ton of research or anything.  I read Erin's posts about potty training Annie, I've seen a few other posts here and there, I figured it couldn't be too hard.  I talked it up all week, "Oh Ryann, do you want to be a big girl this weekend?  You want to start wearing underwear?  It will be so awesome!"  I let her pick out some Minnie undies (which kills me, because I would prefer nothing character, but hey, you do what you can right?), I grabbed some prizes from the dollar bin, made a potty chart, stocked up on m&m's, read our potty books a few times.  We were set.


Saturday morning when Ryann woke up I got her all hyped up, "Today's the day!  Do you want to be a big girl today?  Yes?  Hooray!  No more diapers!"  She dropped a number two in the toilet, we pulled on some Minnie's, talked about keeping them dry, etc.  Yes, this was going to be great.  I kept reminding her to tell me if she needed to go, asking her if she needed to go, etc.  Finally after about 90 minutes we made her try.  Woot!  Potty in the toilet!  Minnie was still dry!  Success!  Stickers!  M&M's!  Life was awesome.  We grabbed some juice (ok flavored water) and settled in to make a craft.

Not 20 minutes later I told Ryann to remind me if she needed to go potty, and asked her if she did.  "No."  Ok, I mean we did just go.  And two minutes later she peed on the floor.  And proceeded to have 3 more accidents quickly after that.  If you want to keep track, it was four accidents in about an hour.  WTF?  I'm pretty sure little miss smarty pants did not want me to even talk to her about going potty, at all (I know I know, that is pretty much what you said Erin, I'm a terrible listener!).  If I would mention the bathroom she would pee on the floor.  And she didn't give two shits that her underwear got wet.

But stick with it, right?  Yeah not so much.  We had a few successes, but that was only by setting a timer and forcing her to go.  She was resisting.  And really just didn't get the whole sticker chart to get bigger prizes reward system I set up.  She just wanted stickers and prizes NOW.  Duh.  We threw in the towel by 7pm and had her in a diaper.

This morning I asked Ryann if she wanted to wear undies or a diaper, and she picked diaper.  Whatever.  We can try again in another month or so, and maybe I'll try to figure out a different approach.  I'm hoping that we can potty train her by the time she is two and a half (at the end of September), but I know some kids take longer than that.  I just thought that my child who was telling me at 14ish months that she had recently pooped or was going to poop would have figured it out by now, you know?

Now the ironic part?  She has kept her diaper dry and peed in the toilet every time I've taken her today.  What gives child, what gives?!?!


Karlene said...

I followed the method this mom blogged about and I swear by it!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Don't distress! It will happen! If she's more comfortable still wearing her diaper, but trying to still use the potty, go for it. It may have been too many changes at once or she may have been so excited that she literally "peed her pants"! :)

Trust your mommy instincts and good luck!

Erin said...

Ha!!! That girl IS a stubborn one, that's for sure. Oh, Ryann. She might be one that favors a less drastic approach - maybe pullups for a few weeks would help. Pretty much everyone I've talked to that did the "3" (hahaha) day method says the first few days suck royally but then something clicks. For us, the first 3 days were fine and then it was kind of bad, and then eventually it clicked for her - but it did happen. Good luck!

The Bignon Family said...

N has gone pee in the potty once! ONCE! Whatever...I haven't really tried yet. I am giving myself til the end of the year and already told him when Santa comes he is going to take all the diapers away with him and bring new toys ... so we have 5 months to work on it! Ha! We will see how that goes!

Kelly said...

C loves going potty for daddy but whenever I ask him he is uninterested. Lately we've been having him go to the bathroom before he gets his night time diaper and occasionally he'll wake up dry!! We are moving very slow with the whole process and I don't even care if it takes until he is three+. They'll get it when they get it ;) Plus public toilets.....Ugh...

Crazycurls said...

I know it's frustrating, we started really potty training my daughter at 2 yrs but she basically didn't want to do it. So annoying. We did all the insentive things, sticker chart, candy after she would go, we put a prize on the top shelf and would point it out so she could have something to look forward to.
In the end we finally gave up putting so much emphasis on it and then as time went on, I realized it was just happening! We put a potty chair in her room and she naps bare butt so if she has to go its right there for her.
She just turned 3 and I can't remember the last time I changed her poopy diaper and she's just started going to bed at night without a diaper.
You can do it! Just let it happen!

Megan said...

It is frustrating. My first kid, a girl who is now 7, was a total genius. She was fully potty trained (which took maybe 2 weeks) before she was 2 and a half.

Now my son is at the exact age she was when she was potty trained and he couldn't care less. He doesnt mind sitting in wet pants. He is SO not into sticker charts. I dont even know where to start with him!

I just keep telling myself it will happen and he wont go to kindergarten in diapers. Hopefully :|

Meredith said...

We STILL have those battle days with Lizzy sometimes, where she'll pee on the floor and not even care. It sucks.

But, Lizzy totally didn't get the sticker thing either at first. A few days in, we changed the policy to being if her underwear were dry until a certain time (i.e. lunch/all day/etc) we'd get some treat (i.e. ice cream/Taco Bell for lunch, etc). I think for Lizzy, it worked best when the "big" prize was attainable in one day.

Stick with it!

Amber said...

We are going through the potty training week as well. Its so tough and I hope Ryann is a good sport for you :)

Nicki said...

"And she didn't give two shits that her underwear got wet" - this had me in stitches!

Sorry for the frustration! I'm not looking forward to when I'm going to have to do this with my little one, that's for sure! Can't I just keep her in diapers till she starts school??

suzanne @ pretty swell said...

Ohhhhh ... potty training is so freaking frustrating. The reward chart did nothing for Lily either. So we ditched it and just tried to back off and follow her lead. I think you're doing a great job, mama. Hang in there!

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.