July 27, 2012

just call me rosie

Lately Ryann has been very into pretending.  VERY.  To the point where I'm pretty much not allowed to call her Ryann anymore, and I get zero say on who I am for the day.  It all started when she became slightly obsessed with Thomas the Train.  She has played with the train set at Barnes and Noble several times, and Chris got her some track and a couple of trains for her birthday.  When Ryann filled up her potty chart she got to pick a new toy from Target.  She had a tough time deciding, and struggled between accessories for her doll and a new train, but ultimately picked Rosie, the train.

Well then Chris and Ryann went shopping together while I was taking a shower, and came home with a DVD of Thomas the Train episodes.  Ryann had only seen one other episode before, but after this DVD she is hooked.  This is a text I sent my mom recently:


Yes, for the majority of the day I tend to be Rosie, and have to call the wee one Thomas.  But a few days after that she has taken to changing it up.  Sometimes I'm Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, she is usually Skully.  The cats get in on the action too, she pretty much always calls Max Captain Hook now, and Soph is Mr. Smee.  It is hilarious.  "Mama I'm going to sneak up on Mr. Smee!  Captain Hook is being naughty, he stole my toy."

Yesterday she took it to a whole new level of awkward though.  We watched an episode of Doc McStuffins, and on it the little girl fixed up a dump truck, and there was some sort of yellow truck too.  I wasn't paying much attention of course.  Well, the rest of the day Ry was the dump truck, and I was yellow truck.  Seriously.  If I wanted her to do anything I'd have to call her dump truck.  "Dump truck, your lunch is ready."  And the fun doesn't stop in public.  If I tried to get her to listen to me, such as "Ryann, please come stand by me."  "I'm not Ryann!  I'm dump truck!"  Ok, whatever, dump truck, get the f over here...

The only nice thing it about it?  For some reason she is much more affectionate and polite when we are pretending to be someone else.  "Oh Rosie I love you!  Thank you Rosie!  Rosie, you're the best!"  I mean, yes, I'd appreciate getting some love as mommy too, but I'll take what I can get.  :o)


Completely unrelated to that, I just had to share my awesomeness.  Yesterday I was getting ready while Ryann was taking a nap.  I plugged in my straightner and then when to get dressed.  The shorts I wanted to wear (ok all my shorts) were a little (a lot) wrinkled.  Especially the cuff.  I was throwing a little mini fit because I didn't want to go all the way to the basement to turn on the iron and iron the stupid shorts, when it hit me.  I could totally use my flat iron to iron the cuff.  So I did.  Genius I tell you, genius.  It totally worked.  And yes, I'm sure I'm not the first person to do it, but I was pretty proud :o).


Southern Belle Mama said...

How funny! My son used to pretend he was Wubzy from Wow!Wow!Wubzy! On another note...those little blonde curls are gorgeous! Have a great weekend.

Amy said...

Dump truck!! Classic! Gotta love their little imaginations!

And NO I never would have thought to use a flat iron but NOW I will all the time! So genius. Way to go Ashley.

pds2507 said...

I have a pair of khaki shorts that cuff over and I HATE ironing, especially JUST to fix the cuff... so I now LOVE you because I will totally be using my flat iron on them this weekend!!!