July 9, 2012

that's what she said

On the Fourth of July at dinner
Christopher:  "Why don't you try a bite of turkey.  It is pretty good!"
Ryann:  "I don't want to eat that.  I don't eat animals."
Ok which vegetarian has been talking to my child?  :o)

Ryann:  while laying on the floor "I'm dead.  I'm a spider."
errr, a little morbid, but alright

Me:  "Ryann stop climbing on the crib.  I don't want you to fall."
Ryann:  "But Spiderman can climb cribs!"
where the heck did she learn about Spiderman?

Ryann:  referring to her blue ruffle swimsuit "I want to wear my swimsuit that looks like a mermaid."
Me:  "Well that one is dirty, can we wear another one?"
Ryann:  "Ok.  I can be a mermaid tomorrow."
Me:  "Ok, are you going to swim like a mermaid?"
Ryann:  "Yeah!  And I can go underwater like a mermaid!  When I turn 26."



Jennifer said...

I love these posts! She's so cute!

Ashley said...

I love hearing what other's little ones say. It is so fun to document this stuff and be able to read back over it. :)

Expat Girl said...

Oh my gosh shes hilarious!

Megan said...

Seriously how cute is this!!! I can't wait for Vince to start talking!!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE that picture!!!!

pds2507 said...

Your kid makes me seriously happy. And makes me so very excited for when B is that age! For some reason he reminds me of her... I think I've said that before but I see him being the same level of talkative and silly! :)