August 28, 2013

a day in the life - ashley

I wish I could say I've been busy (well sort of have) or doing something really awesome but... Chris convinced me to watch the new Star Trek (it was good) plus there was So You Think You Can Dance, so the last two nights I haven't been all that productive.  Whoops.  Better change that up!  All that to say, sorry this is a little late going up, but I hope you enjoy a day in the life of Ashley!


Hi! I'm Ashley from AshleyEveryday and I live in Seattle with my husband Shea and 2 year old son, Arlo. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and Shea is an iOS programmer making video games and apps. I just opened a photography business and it's been taking up all my spare time, but I love it. Here's a glimpse into my day!

6:00am I wake up, on my own. I'm naturally a morning person but I still like to check up on my phone and looking around Facebook and Instagram before getting out of bed.

6:20 I'm up and have water boiling for coffee. We use a French Press to make our morning joe, and while that's getting warm I set out the grounds and press to get ready. I start the oven and get bacon in it because Arlo went to bed asking for some last night.

7:15 I've eaten and had a cup of coffee now and am watching the Today show when Arlo comes running out of his room calling, "Maaaaaamaaaaaa!" He wraps his arms around my legs and gives me a squeezer. We change his diaper and get him his bacon and eggs.

8:00 We're dressed and almost out the door to the gym. Arlo keeps chatting about wanting to see the choo choos, but what he really means is the freight trains and shipping containers at the port (which is near out house). I tell him later, and the first thing he says to the gal at the gym daycare is, "Choo choo laaaaater!" Kids. I catch up on the Newsroom and do an hour of HIIT and weights.

9:30 Arlo and I get to Target. We need some cleaning supplies, bananas and laundry soap. I walk out with $110 of stuff. Oh well.

10:40 We're home and I get a second cup of coffee going warming in the microwave while I hop in the shower to rinse off. Arlo is playing with some blocks and repeatedly ramming his cars into them. Boys man.

11:00 I sit on the floor with Arlo and help him count while we put the cars back in his bins. His lunch (leftover burger and sweet potato fries from the night before) is warming up in the oven. He starts freaking out over ketchup and I reassure him, yes, you can have ketchup. This reduces to a full on meltdown and a time out. Over ketchup.

11:15 We're calm now, and Arlo is happily eating his ketchup and fries while ignoring his burger. I eventually get him to eat the burger by offering his gummy vitamin after.

12:00 Arlo is down for a nap. I clean up the living room and hop on the computer to do some more work on my photography site. My to-do list is getting rather big. I head back to my office/craftsroom/bonus room to do some work. I love this space. It just makes me feel creative.

1:00 I remember I need to start bulk cooking for the week. On Monday I usually make a couple lunches for me and Shea to take to work and for me to have something to snack on. This week it's a mac & cheese for Shea, stuffed portabellos for me and an egg bake for our breakfasts. I have been focused on eating more for my weight lifting so having food I can eat right away is helpful! I end up eating a portabello as soon as it comes out of the oven with a big glass of water.

3:20 Arlo is a big napper (THANK HEAVENS). He woke up about 20 minutes ago but was playing happily and I was right on the edge of a breakthrough so I leave him where he is for a while. Finally I shut down, grab some laundry and get him up. He helps me throw laundry in the wash and move things to the dryer. He's big on hitting buttons.  We spend a little time talking about cars and watching some Superwhy while I fold laundry and stuff cloth diapers.

4:15 time to get dinner going! I take out a copperhead salmon that was on sale and add it to a ziplock bag with olive oil, lemon juice, herbs from our garden and some seasoning. I chop potatoes and clean some kale for some sautéed greens.

4:45 we head outside for a few minutes to run some energy off. Arlo plays catch with Rufus and talks to the bees in our lavender bushes. He says he wants to hug them. Really cute!

5:20 We head back inside and I preheat the grill and get the salmon into some foil packets. Arlo plays on the iPad while I watch the news while I sauté some new potatoes my mom grew in some olive oil and spices and get the salmon over the heat. During a down moment I set a timer and go sit with Arlo and snuggle while I look at my phone. He likes to ask who everyone is on Facebook! It can be tiring, but he actually recognizes some kids now which is just awesome.

6:05 Shea is home! He wrangles Arlo while I finish dinner, set the table and throw some dishes in the dishwasher. We try to eat as soon as Shea comes home so we can do something together in the evening.

6:30 Dinner is over and we're headed to the park for the evening. Arlo asks for the park with the slide which is the most terrifying park for my mom self, but we go anyways after making Shea promise to spot him on the slide. I'm not a hover parent at all but this slide is about 12 feet off the ground and has a looped ladder to climb up and I'm terrified he's going to get his leg caught in it, fall back, and dislocate his knee or hip. Falling doesn't scare me, it's the joints! Hahaha

7:30 We're home and again incentivizing  with his second gummy vitamin to go get his PJs on. He picks out his car set, brushes his teeth and hops into bed.

8:00 after settling in a few times, some back rubs, some twinkle twinkle it sounds like the man is finally down for the count. I wash my face and brush my teeth, and get into bed with the hubs to watch some Good Eats. Usually I work a little after he goes down but I'm tired and we're behind on our Alton Brown. 

9:30 A final doorlock check and one last peek at the kiddo and it's lights out for me too! Like I said, I'm a morning person. :)

What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mom?
The flexibility it forces. I rely on routine and scheduling, I'm a list maker by nature. Becoming a mom made me change a lot about how I handle spontaneity and the unknown.

What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be mamas?
Cherish the first days. Take a million photos, and if you do, take a million more. Always accept a hug from your baby, even if you can't handle it right that moment. Always say, "I love you," and say it often.

What are your top three baby products?
The top three baby produces we used were our Ergo (every day for nearly a year), our AC-powered swing (a Graco Snuggabunny) and A&A swaddle blankets. Arlo loved being swaddled and we used it for naps and nighttime sleeping for almost 6 months. I credit it to his sleeping through the night early and often!

Thanks to Ashley for letting me come on here and give you all a look into a day in my life!


Thank you Ashley, for sharing your day with us!


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