August 19, 2013

yay running.

Last week I swore to myself that I would complete all of my goals AND I'd write my post Sunday night so it could be up Monday morning.

HAHAHAHA.  I'm such a liar.

My weekly goals are becoming a joke because I never follow through.  I did get in four runs totaling 17.85 miles.  That I am definitely proud of, it really makes me happy to see my weekly total increase.  Saturday I conqured a seven mile run with Jenny.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT.  There were a few hills that I would have preferred not to do, but overall the run went great and I am getting less and less nervous about my long runs.

I'm glad running is going well, because all other aspects of the healthy lifestyle I wish I was living, are pretty much not happening.  It isn't like I'm eating crap all the time.  I definitely take in my fair share of vegetables, especially if I have salad toppers hanging out in the fridge.  But I am also eating my fair share of cookies.  And I can't convince myself to workout or meal plan in some of my free time, because it is rather limited, and sometimes I would just rather blog, or veg.  If I could get in to a routine of prepping meals and veggies and snacks and such on Sundays or something, I think I'd be in a better place.  But I haven't been home a single weekend since July.  There is absolutely zero routine in my life.

Also, I'm a morning person.  Not a jump out of bed peppy cheery morning person.  But a I like to get up before everyone else and quietly accomplish things before the rest of the world is awake person.  Except Elsie gets up in the middle of the night here and there, and Ryann has been waking up before 6am.  Not exactly condusive to getting up before everyone.

Thus, I have decided to focus on one thing.  The running.  I want to be better about strength training, I want to be better about meal planning and healthy eating, and if I can fit that stuff in, hooray, great.  But right now, my main goal is going to be making sure I get all of my training in for the half in October.  I've already committed to it and paid my money, and my runs make me happy, so instead of kicking myself for the things I'm not doing, I'm going to focus on and try to enjoy the things I am.

So there's that.  Running, yay!  Haha.  Oh, and yay for new shoes this morning.  My knees are definitely thanking me for those.  And yay for this salad.  My mom put it together on Friday and I have eaten it for lunch every day since.

Any successes from this week you'd like to share?


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