August 15, 2013

this and that

::  Alright, on nights when I'm on my own, I bathe both girls, get them dressed for bed, then I set Ry up watching and movie and go about putting Elsie to bed.  Last night I was feeding her in her room, when the camera from the monitor starts moving.  Slightly creepy to begin with, but I had just read this story the day before, so to say that I was terrified at first was an understatement.  The camera continued to move, and I didn't know what to do.  Then it started making noises like someone was trying to talk over it.  At that point I hoped (and assumed) that Ryann had gotten her hands on the parent unit.  Thankfully that was the case, but my heart was definitely beating quicker for a while.

::  I know I'm biased, but I think Elsie is arguably one of the cutest babies ever.  Evidence...


::  The amount of guacamole and avocados in general I've been consuming lately is slightly embarrassing.  If I can find a way to incorporate avocado into a meal I'm going to.  Can you eat too many avocados?  What is your favorite recipe that uses them?

::  Tell me I'm not the only mom who is like this... I can be on my own with the kiddos from 7am until 5pm with limited issue.  We function pretty well, get out of the house, in general have a pretty good time.  But tell me I have to take care of them on my own from 5pm-8pm and I'm all #$!%^$#(*& we'll never survive!  What will we do?  How will I feed/bathe/get them to bed?  Why is that?  Chris has been working in a pediatric ER this month, and though his number of hours really aren't all that bad, it was leaving me home with the kids on my own most evenings.  So the girls and I packed up and headed to my parents house for nine days.  I truly am not sure what I'd do without my parents.  They take such good care of us.


We had just a little bit of fun.  Lots of swimming.  A little dance camp.  A whole lot of playing.

::  Speaking of being in Topeka, life is insane right now.  We are back and forth in Topeka, traveling for family stuff, traveling for a wedding and going to Georgia.  My weekends are booked with something through October 19th (and I'm sure there will be stuff after that, it just isn't on the calendar).  Chris will be entering interview season very soon, so he will be gone here and there I'm sure.  Preschool is starting, we're signed up for another session of gymnastics, and I am still planning to enroll Ryann in a dance class.  Is this just how life is once your kids start getting older?  And there is more of them?  My fingers are crossed that once match day has come and gone (January 8th) that at least Christopher's schedule will slow down, but then it will be birthdays and we could be moving and I'm just exhausted thinking about it all.  One day at a time I guess.

::  Oh, and if you don't know what match day is, read this post from Shawna.  She gives a good explanation of the journey to becoming a doctor.  Chris is in family medicine, hoping to specialize in sports medicine, so our journey isn't near as long.  But still.

::  Another cute picture of Elsie because I can.


::  And after the millionth time of telling Ryann to stop coming out of her room during quiet time, I give up.  I'm in the process of making quiet time bins, so hopefully we can stop having this fight.  Yes I've heard to gate her in her room, but that wouldn't stop her from yelling at me or being loud.  And loud Ryann = no napping Elsie and that is just no good.


Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

I don't think you've had a photo yet where Elsie didn't look like the most adorable baby ever! And I can totally relate to the 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. freak out (although for me it's more 6-9) ... my husband works nights, so five days a week I'm faced with juggling bed/bath/other demands from our one-month-old newborn and our three-year-old daughter. I judge a night's success by how many of us ended up in tears, and a stellar night is one when the newborn sleeps through the toddler's bath/bedtime routine so I can keep that "normal" for her. It is by far the most intimidating part of my day. We're 1,000 miles from family, but I would TOTALLY head to my parents' or sister's house for relief if I could!

Kristal said...

LOL'ing at the 5-8 freak out. I am the exact same way. Not to mention, we survive most days very well, but without fail, when Chad comes home at 5, all hell breaks loose and the kids turn into cray-zars. What's up with that?!