August 12, 2013


Sorry this is really late today.  There was zero overlap of nap time, and pretty much no nap time from Elsie anyway.  Therefore blog post just wasn't happening.  Until now.  Anyway.

So I'm a little OCD sometimes.  The dishes have to be loaded in the dishwasher a certain way.  It drives me crazy if someone else writes on a paper of mine.  Or if a paper gets folded.  I get anxiety when Chris puts together a snack or lunch for Ryann because it isn't just so (I wish I was joking).  Running is no different.  I can't run back over a path I've already been on unless absolutely necessary.  I have to finish with my mileage ending in .0 or .5.

But what has really been getting me while running at my parents house, is that I simply can't make myself start running on an uphill.  There is about a third of a mile of uphill after I leave their driveway to get to any of my routes.  The problem I have with that is that I HATE that walking time gets added in to my running time, slowing my pace.  I could wait to start my tracker until I started running, but then I'd lose fractions of miles that I've actually covered.  It is quite the conundrum.  HA.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this weirdness.

Goals went better this week.  I got in 4 runs totaling 16.6 miles and had zero sweets three days.  I may have overdone the chocolate a bit the other days, but I did survive three days without.  Still didn't get in a strength workout.  I'm sure that story is getting old.  But it is really something I need to work on for more than one reason.  I've been having some pain in my pelvis/hip region, which I'm going to attribute to a weak core.  Could be totally wrong on that one, but it sounds good, right?

I'm getting excited (and nervous) for my long run this week.  I've got seven miles on the calendar, which will be my longest distance post baby thus far.  I hope the weather is decent, it is absurd how much my pace is affected by the humidity.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish the half in under two hours, and I think I'll be back in better shape by October, but right now I'm not sure of where I'm at.  My current pace averages wouldn't do it for me, but I've read that for every 10 degrees over 55, your pace is generally slower by 4-7 seconds per mile.  Hoping that holds true and as the temps cool down and I put in more miles my pace will get better.

Goals for this week:

-4 runs totaling 16 miles
-one strength workout
-one new breakfast

Ok that is all I've got for now.  This post is taking me entirely too long to write.  Sorry it is so late!


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Tara said...

i am secretly (or not so secretly) hoping to complete my october half in under 2 hours as well. last year i ran it in 2 hours 19 seconds, so i know i have it in me, but like you mentioned i my current pace isn't anywhere close. here's hoping for both of us!