August 26, 2013

where is my motivation?

Last week I was all "I'm going to focus on running and I'm going to rock it."  Except this weekend?  First time I think I've ever missed a long run during a training plan.  Not only did I not get in a long run, but I didn't run at all Friday-Sunday.  We were out of town, staying in a hotel in an area I didn't know, so I have an 'excuse', but still.  I had planned to get up and run one of the mornings, but there was absolutely no way for me to get out of the room without waking someone, and I had zero interest in tackling six miles on the treadmill when I could be hanging out with my family.

I planned to get up a little early this morning to try and fit in at least five miles, if not six, to make up for my weekend, but wouldn't you know when my alarm went off at 5:45am, Elsie was already awake.  Despite the fact that I had just fed her at 3:30am.  I didn't want to risk her completely losing her mind before I got back, so I opted to feed her again, unfortunately cutting in to my running time (Chris leaves for work just after 7am).  Not that it would have mattered much, my run this morning was AWFUL.  I felt tired and sluggish, it was warm and humid, my body just couldn't hang.  I did make it four miles, but there was a good chunk of walking in that last mile, and overall it just wasn't pretty.

The good news is that I still have just under eight weeks before the half, so I have plenty of time.  I just have to decide if I'm going to attempt eight miles like I have on my calendar for Saturday, or if I'm going to do six-seven like I had planned for this past weekend.  It will probably be a game time decision, based on the amount of sleep I get and whether or not Elsie decides to be a peach and sleep when I need her to.

There is no doubt in my mind that a large portion of my sluggish feeling this morning can be attributed to my crappy eating habits as of late.  I've been emotional eating like whoa, and Elsie doesn't seem to be reacting to dairy as much anymore, so ice cream.  Gah.  As much as it pains me to do it, I'm committed to going at least five days straight without chocolate or sweets.  One of these days I'll find a coping mechanism that doesn't involve sneaking handfuls of chocolate chips from the pantry.


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Kelly Janowski said...

We all have those days! Better luck tomorrow.