April 13, 2015

easter 2015

Easter weekend fell after our little jaunt in the hospital, so I was a bit stressed out going in to it.  But it ended up being a fun and relatively relaxing weekend in my opinion.  We started Saturday morning off with a breakfast and egg hunt at the country club.  There was a face painter, a balloon animal guy, and no shortage of good breakfast food.  Winning in my book.  They had the egg hunt broken up in to three age groups and it was pretty funny to watch the differences in each group.  The 3 and under crowd moved slowly through their space, and after picking up a few eggs each kid was a happy camper and went on their way.  The 4-6 kids moved a little faster but were overall pretty calm.  I couldn't quite see the 7 and up kids, but it seemed like they ran through there and picked eggs at lightening speed.


When we got home the girls spent a good deal of time playing 'Easter Egg Hunt'.  Ryann hid the eggs and then helped Elsie find them.  Really that went on all weekend.  It was cute.  I truthfully can't remember what we did the rest of the day.  Elsie napped.  We played outside a bit.  Made some dinner.  Nothing crazy.

Sunday morning we started with their Easter baskets (once there was enough light for me to take pictures of course, sorry girls :o).  They were so cute.  Ryann was super excited about a kalidescope, and Elsie was just excited about everything.  Then my mom whipped up some breakfast, and we rounded it out with a little egg hunt outside of our own.


After all that we got to work dying eggs.  Originally my mom had boiled a dozen, and I told her we needed at least 6 more.  Well we flew through those 18 so fast!  Ryann was loving making the eggs all different colors and combos.  I'm sure she could have dyed three dozen eggs and been a happy camper.  I just don't think I could have eaten all those hard boiled eggs...  We'll definitely do two dozen next year though.


My sweet mama spent the rest of the day in the kitchen cooking us a delicious dinner.  We had beef tenderloin, green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes with a mushroom gray and biscuits.  It was sooooo good.  But the only thing I managed to snap a picture of from the rest of the day was the cute little bunny cakes she baked.  I'm pretty sure I loved them the most, but whatever.  They were cute and tasty.


After dinner we loaded up in the car and made our way back home.  Next Easter is going to look a little different, with three kiddos in our new house!

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