April 20, 2015

elsie says

Oh man, this girl's vocabulary just continues to explode, and her sentences just get longer and longer.  She still has some words that I have to make her repeat like 10 times before I figure out what she is saying, but hey.  Some random ridiculous (and cute!) things she has said lately...

Me:  "Elsie, what are you doing?"
Elsie:  "Leave alone me!  I pooping!"
Me: annoyed at the thought of changing her diaper for the millionth time "Why?"
Elsie:  "Cause I wuv pooping!  I poop ev-wee day!"

Me:  "Elsie where are your shoes?"
Elsie:  "I don't know.  Dey seem to be hiding!"

Elsie:  "Mama, what doing?"
Me:  "Making some toast."
toast pops up in the toaster
Elsie:  "Whoa.  I better hide."

Elsie:  runs up behind me and grabs my legs "Mama I wuv you so much.  You my buddy."
Me:  melts into a puddle because that was so damn cute


When she demanded braids like sissy one the left, and just a touch of her sass on the right.

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