April 23, 2015


Over the last month something amazing has happened.  This special little bond between Ryann and Elsie has become rather apparent.  Before I get too far, they still fight like crazy and beat each other up all the time.  But also?  They can spend an hour or more playing happily together and it is so damn cute.

Elsie still doesn't understand all the 'games' and pretend scenarios that Ryann wants her to participate in, but she so desperately wants to be by Ryann's side ALL THE TIME that she sure as hell gives it her best effort.  They are constantly having picnics and parities and going on adventures to unicorn and caterpillar land.


Whenever Ryann decides she needs a little space, she runs off to her room and closes the door.  Sometimes this occurs after Elsie has smacked her or pulled her hair or something, because she didn't like what Ryann was doing.  But as soon as Ry makes a move toward her room Elsie is up and chasing her.  And she'll stand outside Ryann's room and scream and cry until we either bribe her to calm her down, or we convince Ryann to come back out and play with her some more.  It's pathetic.

Elsie is also obsessed with matching Ryann.  Be it clothes, pajamas, hair styles, or even down to what Ryann is eating, Elsie wants to be the same.  "Elsie, what do you want for breakfast?"  "Ummm, what Ryann havin'?"  "Elsie, what pajamas would you like to wear?" "What jammas Ryann wearin'?"  "I want bwaids wike sissy!"  "I do it wike sissy!"  "Where Ryann goin'?" "What Ryann doin'?"  All day long.  Elsie constantly wants Ryann around.


Miss Elsie is also determined to go to kindergarten just like sissy.  I'm pretty sure there will be lots of tears that first morning Ry rides off on the bus.  From me and Elsie ;o).

These two can make each other laugh like nobody else.  They are so weird together.  Making strange noises and saying things like doody and just cracking up.  They have awesome dance parties with crazy moves and are constantly playing 'kitties' while crawling around and meowing at each other.


I hope they can continue to grow closer, and keep the hair pulling to a minimum of course.  Because watching them play with each other and love each other is just the sweetest thing.  And I hope that little miss number three can slide right in there with them.  Yeah, sure, there will be a lot more ponies that are run off with, coloring books that are 'ruined' by a little sister, made up dances that aren't being performed right.  But I think my heart will be so full and overwhelmed by the cuteness of three that it just plain won't matter.


Or something like that.  :o) 

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