April 26, 2015

twenty-four weeks


Wow.  I really need to clean my mirror... But unrelated, VIABILITY WEEK!  Twenty-four weeks just makes me breath a little easier.  Yes, this little lady can stay put for a minimum of twelve weeks in my opinion, but she has got a chance.  A chance at survival.  And that is huge in my opinion.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  Naturally my doctor was called out right before I got there for an emergency c-section, but I managed to beat another doc's patient in by a few minutes so she just saw me first.  Blood pressure is fine.  No one complained about my weight gain.  And my next appointment is scheduled for the end of May, where I'll do the glucose test and get my rhogam shot.  All sorts of fun there.  I think I might even get to drag both girls to that appointment.  Can't wait, obviously. 

how far along:  24 weeks (compare to 24 weeks with Ryann, 24 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  I've seen everything from a papaya to an ear of corn.  Somewhere between 9 and 11 inches.

weight gain:  16 pounds.

maternity clothes:  Very much so, yes.  To prep for putting our house on the market, I've been cleaning out and organizing all the closets (like I should be doing yearly but probably haven't really done since before Elsie was born, whoops).  You know what makes downsizing your closet easier?  Being pregnant.  60% of my clothes don't fit or are out of season.  There are still PLENTY in there, but it looks much cleaner now, and organized in rainbow order.

symptoms:  Mostly just a lot of movement in my belly, as well as the inability to bend over comfortably.

exercise:  I attempted to run a bit on Thursday.  I could barely walk the rest of the day, but I managed to cover 3 miles in 45 minutes, and run just over a mile of it in short increments.  That sounds so pathetic, but it really is such a struggle right now.  I covered a total of 94,738 steps.  I've been doing pretty good making sure I at least get on the treadmill to walk for 30 minutes each night, if nothing else.

cravings/aversions:  Mustard.  For some reason I can't get enough mustard.  I've been eating hot dogs (at least the natural ones, eek!) with ketchup and mustard all week.  So weird.  I need to come up with something else I like with mustard besides hot dogs.  Haha.

movement:  She is definitely getting stronger and stronger everyday.  I can feel her while I'm standing up moving around, and sometimes she is just insane.

sleep:  Not too bad.  Sometimes I wake up randomly and just can't fall back asleep, but for the most part I can't complain about sleep right now.

gender:  Baby sister!

looking forward to:  Getting back to the new house to see the progress.  Seeing some of my sorority sisters in a week.  My birthday I guess.  I kind of forgot it was coming!

worries:  Not too much.

what's different this time:  Sounds like I was a little more uncomfortable and what not at this point with the last two.  Truthfully I think I just don't have time to worry about myself or how I'm feeling right now.  I am so focused on a million other things.

best moment this week:  Thursday morning we spent two hours at an awesome park, and it was just a really nice morning.  There wasn't any fighting, no tears, it was great.


Sandy said...

I loved mustard too! Pretzel rolls was my delivery method of choice!

Jennifer Doerr said...

I've been having hot dogs with mustard almost every night for dinner. At least you can use being pregnant as an excuse haha!

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