April 9, 2015

ry's birthday weekend

Yet again, I'm going to attempt to get caught up on all the things I feel like I need to blog for my family, so that maybe I can throw in a few of those random things I want to blog about.  Not that I don't want to blog about our family happenings.  That truly is 90% of the purpose of why I write.  To keep a record of our life for my kids.  But sometimes I just want to talk about random stuff and not feel the need to edit a bunch of pictures.


A week and a half ago was Ryann's actual birthday weekend.  Since we had already done her party with all her friends, we opted to go to my parents house so we could celebrate with them.  Christopher and I had a couple of meetings with various people about home reno things (lighting and bathrooms and other fun stuff!) and we also needed to pick a few more paint colors, so the majority of Saturday was spent on that.

Trying to decide what else to do on Saturday was a little tough.  Ryann just isn't a foodie per say, like the rest of us.  She doesn't like very many things.  She isn't a huge sweets fan.  I mean just give the kid a dum dum or some other form of a sucker and she is a happy kid.  But we still wanted her to have a 'special' birthday dinner.  Eventually we settled on Texas Roadhouse, thinking she would at least like the bread (who doesn't?) and would enjoy when the wait staff line danced.

Turns out the best parts for her were smashing peanuts for Papa to eat, dancing to the music outside while we were waiting, and sitting on the saddle while they 'announced' her birthday to the rest of the restaurant.  She barely touched the bread or any other food for that matter, and didn't seem the least bit phased when everyone started dancing.  But hey, we tried, and she wasn't miserable, so we'll go with it!  Seriously though, the look on her face was absolutely priceless when our waiter yelled out across the restaurant to tell everyone she was turning five.  It was pretty cute.


After dinner we came home for a little dessert.  My mom generally bakes the birthday person a cake, but Ryann just isn't a cake person.  At some point she settled on having ice cream and brownies (which she helped Grammy make).  So we made her a brownie cake of sorts to stick some candles in.  She didn't end up finishing her brownie, but a little bowl of ice cream with sprinkles and she was good to go.


Sunday morning little miss antsy pants was up bright and early (when isn't she?) anxious to open presents.  Naturally I made her wait until her sister was awake, AND it was light enough for me to take some semi decent pictures.  :o)  Mamarazzi for life!  When we finally let her at them she was a pretty happy camper.  I can't get over how old she is looking in some of these pictures.  How is my baby five?!?!  Oh, and she had a bloody nose at some point, hence the blood on her pajamas.


After she was done with presents Grammy set to work on Ry's favorite, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  I mean she pretty much makes those every time we're in town, but hey, Ry still loves them.  Then we all took some time to get ready for the day, and set off on our birthday adventure.  Going Bonkers!  Basically a place with a giant play structure/jungle gym and arcade games.  I attempted to crawl through the structure with the fam for a little bit, but being slightly bent over for long periods of time while pregnant just wasn't happening.  So I snapped a pic and hung out with my mom instead.  Thanks for entertaining them Christopher :o).


Unfortunately the day ended with us back home, watching one of Christopher's co-workers drive away with our cats.  Both the pediatrician and the asthma allergist (which I'm due for another update on Elsie) agreed that E has a significant cat allergy, and keeping her away from them as much as possible is the best option.  But Ry was a trooper about it (after I quickly threw out we could get a fish when we move to the new house) and was a wonderful big sister comforting Elsie, who was notably more upset about the cats leaving.

Miss Ryann I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend!

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