April 17, 2015

ryann at five

I posted about Ryann's birthday, and her party, but I have yet to really post about Ryann in general lately.  It seems as though not a lot has changed, and yet she is so different than she was from a year ago.  She is still obsessed with unicorns, is a crappy eater and loves nature.  She loves school and learning and she is so freaking smart.


I taped a whole like nine minute interview where I asked her some of her favorites and such, but I'm too lazy to upload it.  So the overview...

Favorite color:  purple and pink
Favorite food:  chicken nuggets and bunny mac & cheese
Favorite sweet treat:  Starburst jelly beans
Favorite drink:  chocolate milk
Favorite movie:  The Penguins Movie
Favorite song:  Black Widow and Uptown Funk
Best Friends:  Brennan, Drake and Kamryn
Favorite place to go:  Community center explorer room
Favorite place to visit:  Georgia!
Favorite animal:  unicorns
Favorite things to do:  play kitties with sissy, play at Kidscape, and paint and color and cut!
When she grows up she wants to be:  a vet at the zoo

Recently reading has really really REALLY clicked with Ry.  We think she must have more of a photographic memory, or something of that nature, because she doesn't like to sound out words (even though she can).  But if she sees a word two or three times it is logged in her little brain file.  She has also done a wonderful job using contextual clues and the book illustrations to figure out what some words are that she is having difficulty with.  I've been in awe watching her pick up a book, and make it through nearly the whole thing with only a bit of help.  Last weekend I took her to see Home, and at the end of the movie "two weeks later" came up on the screen.  She immediately asked me why they wrote 'two weeks later' on the movie.  It is just one of those moments that surprises you.  Those are words I'm sure she has seen several times, it shouldn't be a surprise that she was able to read them.  But my baby!  She can read words anywhere and everywhere!  So crazy.

Ryann continues to love art projects and drawing.  Her detailed illustrations just get more and more amazing.  I'd go as far as to say that she can draw several animals, dragons and unicorns, things of that nature, better than I can.  She gets that ability from her father.  You'd think being the one with the fine arts degree I could teach her a thing or two, but not so much.  We found a little book at the toy store called I Can Draw Animals and she has done great with it, following along with the little illustrated instructions.

Another random tidbit Christopher wanted me to throw in, is that Ryann loves to watch a little Bill Nye before bed.  It used to be human body lectures, but after they went through all those, she discovered Bill Nye, and now it is her thing.  She can't go to bed without watching a little bit of an episode.

We went to kindergarten round-up last week, that is just plain crazy.  I wasn't exactly sure how the whole thing worked, but I didn't realize that they immediately separated the parents and kids and stayed that way for the whole two hours.  So I was a bit startled when they whisked her off after she had her name tag!  But she didn't even blink or look back and just made her way down the hall with everyone else.  She loves being around other kids and isn't the least bit shy.  Her personality can fill a room, and she approaches each little adventure which such enthusiasm.  Really though, she is going to be in REAL school.  I felt like preschool was the real deal with conferences and such.  But sitting through the parent portion, it was just so surreal.  This is just the beginning, but I know it is going to fly.


As scary as it seems to me for her to be entering kindergarten, I am so very very excited for her.  She is going to love it, and I'm pretty sure she is just going to thrive.  Her preschool teacher couldn't say enough nice things about her, and how much Ryann loves everything about class and has such a joy and passion for learning and exploring.  I'm sad that she'll be spending so much time away from me during the day, but she is going to have so much fun.  At least I really hope so.

There was a shirt at Target that said 'my spirit animal is a unicorn,' and I absolutely had to get it for her.  Between her love of unicorns and her infections spirit, it just seemed perfect.  The kid has a temper, and can drive me crazy like nobody else can, but she is really quite amazing.  I hope nothing can squash her enthusiasm for life.

Love you Miss Ryann!!

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