October 26, 2010

big trees, lots of leaves

We live in a relatively established neighborhood, which means we have tons of big trees.  Last year during the fall, that really annoyed me more than anything.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the trees are GORGEOUS as all of the colors change.  But the amount of leaves that fall?  Ridiculous.

But this year?  This year I have a cute little baby to plop down in the middle of all of these gorgeous leaves.  Makes them much more appealing :o).

These shots didn't turn out great, they are ok, but the coloring is so off.  And I can't for the life of me get it corrected in photoshop (because lets face it, you are supposed to get it right before photoshop).  Some day I WILL learn to use my fancy schmancy camera properly.  Plus, Ryann was way too interested in everything outside to pay any real attention to me. 

I'm going to keep trying over the next few days to get some really good shots of her in the leaves, it just seems like whenever there is great light, she is sleeping, or eating, or just ate and would puke all over herself if I tried to sit her up for any length of time (when do they grow out of this spitting thing???).  Plus I don't have a spotter, and with everything there is to look at outside, it makes me a little nervous that she is just going to get excited and topple over.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics :) You might need to fix your white balance when you're taking the pics in the leaves. Take a picture in the light you're trying to use of something entirely white. Then go to your white balance menu and select custom. It will ask you to select the picture of the white thing you just took (super technical language here I know!). Then your white balance will be set for the lighting you're in at that given time - and your colors should be spot on! Hope this helps :)

Ashley said...

She is adorable! The crunchy leaves on the ground are one of my favorite aspects this season!

Jennifer said...

The pictures look great!! Who doesn't love a beautiful baby in colorful pile of leaves!


Kristy said...

I love the pictures. As far as coloring goes - I woudln't know. I know nothing about photography (i only wish i did!).

I so wish I could have a big tree around our yard. We have barely any leaves ):

And the throwing up? She'll grow out of it. I had to put my little girl on different formula when she was a couple months old but by 6-8 months, she was done. It's such a relief too! Hopefully your little gal will grow out of it soon.

DecoratedAndExhausted said...

You always take great pics with your fancy camera, but I'm in the same boat as you as far as getting the coloring "just right". It's a constant struggle. Cute pics! :)

Sharstin said...

darling picts! i love all the gorgeous leaves in the fall!

Nikki said...

So cute!

Henry cried when I put him in the leaves, and he still spits up. I'm so ready for that to be over with.

Hanna said...

I love her facial expressions! She looks so serious trying to figure out what's going on with all the leaves.