October 24, 2010


I mentioned that life has been a little busy lately.  I could write a really long post about everything we've been up to, but, I'll try to do it briefly with pictures :o).  We've been...

...playing with friends
 ...practicing a little yoga (seriously, what is this move all about?)
 ...taking baths in the sink (because we got new fixtures in our shower, and new pipes!)
...looking cute in legwarmers
 ...trying and enjoying to pull ourselves up a little too frequently (with assistance obviously)
 ...still trying to get the hang of this solids thing (when will she start to enjoy it regularly? it is still hit or miss if she will actually eat anything.)

Friday I made some delicious pumpkin brownies (I promise to share the recipe soon!) and had a friend over to grill some burgers.  Saturday we headed to my parents house to hang out with family.  This morning my mom made breakfast and my mother in law joined us.  This afternoon I went to my bestie's bridal shower.  We made the drive back home this evening and now I am enjoying some Desperate Housewives and blogging.  It was a quick week, and a fun week.  I have a feeling the next week will be just as jam packed!

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