October 8, 2010

a doctor's visit and other random things

First of all, Ryann has a little morning video for you.  It's um, long.  Don't feel obligated to watch.  Or skip around.  You'll get the idea.  She was in a good mood this morning.

Secondly, how old does my little girl look in jeans (jeggings to be exact, even though I think that sounds so ridiculous)??  Craziness.
The funny thing... she couldn't sit up by herself in the pants.  Actually she has a hard time sitting up in any pants.  Even if they are really loose.  It's like the waist band throws off her balance or her muscle strength or something.

We finally went to the doctor yesterday for Ryann's six month well check.  Apparently weighing your child at home with a diaper on (it was dry!) is no indication of how much she actually weighs.  The nurse said she was 16 pounds 15.8 ounces.  Ha ha 15.8 ounces?  Lady the girl weighs 17 pounds, but thanks for teaching us every ounce counts at an early age.  We were right on the length though, she is 26 inches long.  She used to be long and skinny based on her percentages, but now her weight fell into the 63 percentile, while her height (length?) was in the 50th.  Her head is at the 45th percentile though!  They measured it in only the 3rd percentile or something when she was born.

When the doctor came into the room Ryann was showing off all of her skills.  She was crawling all over the table and doing a plank position for awhile.  The doctor said 'I'm going to guess you don't have any concerns about her physical development'.  :o)  She said Ryann looked really healthy.   Then they gave her the evil shots.  We still had to get four this time, but instead of the polio vaccine they gave her the first of two flu shots.  So we have to go back in a month to get the other half of the flu vaccine, and at her 9 month well visit we will get two shots instead of one.  But two is way better than four!

I'm happy my little lady is growing just like she should be.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

Ryann is too cute! Love the jeans!

Anonymous said...

Looks like mornings in our house! Love it!! I think that's my favorite time with Noah. Ryann looks like she's all smiles too in the AM!

I love that shirt too! Cute little girlie ghost...so adorable!

Anonymous said...

We were at Macy's exchanging outfits for Shelby yesterday and saw the outfit Ryann is wearing in the photos! Too funny. Sometimes I read your posts and feel like Ryann is related to Shelby because we're experiencing so many of the same things at almost the same time.

Kalen said...

She's hilarious!!! :) I loved the video but the crazy legs one is still my fav!

Tatiana said...

Your little girl is soo adorable! She is really rocking those jeans too :-)