October 14, 2010

this and that

::  Emily took a break from embrace the camera today, so I decided to throw in a hodge podge post.  I did however, want to stick in a couple of pictures of the two of us.  Here are a couple shots from us rockin' the Mac photo booth lately.


::  The other day I ran out of the family room to grab a hair tie.  I forgot to bring one with me, and if I don't put my hair back Ryann is ALWAYS pulling it.  When I came back into the room I found Ryann rolling a can of pringles around that Chris had left on the floor by the coffee table.  For the record to anyone who comes to our house now, anything on the floor is fair game.

::  I'm really enjoying these two pictures.  Just because.  Because I love those baby blues.  Because that first look is what I get a lot, the hi mom what's going on sweet innocent look.  Because I love her smile.  Just because.

::  We've been rocking the Halloween jammies this week.  She actually doesn't have too many pairs of pajamas in this size, so I have a feeling she'll be rockin' them all the way to December.  I know you're jealous of her pumpkin butt.  I love it :o).

::  I really hope that Ryann is teething.  Because otherwise I have no clue how to explain her recent behavior.  Yesterday she was yelling at the top of her lungs on and off.  Not crying, but yelling.  LOUDLY.  Ask my mom and dad, I called them so they could hear her.  She is so clingy.  She doesn't really want to eat.  Today she has been crying on and off out of the blue.  It is breaking my heart.

She doesn't have a fever, and I can't feel a tooth.  Her sleep patterns haven't really changed.  Her diapers haven't been weird or anything.  But Tuesday night she sat on the couch with me while I held Sophie in her mouth and she just chewed on it for like 20 minutes.  Yesterday we borrowed one of JT's (JT cut a tooth this week, wohoo!) frozen teethers, and she seemed to enjoy it.  I tried to put some of our own in the freezer, but she apparently didn't like them as much.  She'd prefer to munch on her clothes, or my finger.

The one thing I hate about teething?  You have no proof until there is actually a tooth.  So I don't really want to give her tylenol on the off chance she is just being fussy.  But I also don't want her to be in pain when I could be doing something to help her.  I'm really thinking about getting one of those amber teething necklaces.  Does anyone have any other advice?

::  We are absolutely Jayhawk fans.  Ry is ready for game day.  I'm completely prepared to lose to K-State tonight, but I'll be a Jayhawk anyway.  GO JAYHAWKS!

 this is what a teething Jayhawk fan looks like

::  I'm feeling rather accomplished today.  Granted Ryann was up at 5am, so my day has been a little longer than usual, but hey.  I've made the bed, baked cookies, dinner is in the crock pot, gotten Ry down for her third nap, worked on a save the date for a client, picked up the house a little, written a blog post, and brushed my teeth.  All while taking care of my poor little girlie who has to be held the majority of the day.  Yes, I am going to pat myself on the back.  The only way it would be even better?  If I had actually taken a shower :o).

::  Don't forget, the HEADBAND GIVEAWAY ENDS IN 4.5 HOURS!  If you haven't entered and you want to, get on it!


S. Anderson said...

You had me up until the Jayhawk comment :) As for the teething necklace idea, it wasn't a habit I wanted to start since my little man is already always grabbing for my necklaces anyway!

Kate said...

Beautiful baby and super photos! I'm glad I stumbled on your blog today.

-Kate @ lthislife.blogspot.com