October 22, 2010

my little mover

This little girl is pretty proud of herself with all this moving around she can do.  Obviously.  It is even tougher now to get good photos of her.  I have plenty that would be a good shot, if they were in focus or the right color or all of that.  She just moves to quick for my slow self to get everything right!

The best part of her being able to 'crawl' right now?  Her crawling into my lap.  Even if it is only because she wants my camera :o).


Ashley said...


The Bignon Family said...

I love the first picture of her- how she scrunches her nose. So precious!

Kalen said...

:) I agree - the scrunching of the nose is precious. I'm excited for when Everly can get around more but I'm also kinda dreading having to keep up with her!