October 25, 2010

for your viewing pleasure

I have the intention to make Saturday my movie day, but it didn't happen this week, and I don't see it happening next week, so I'm just going to throw in random videos of Ry here and there until I actually start posting them on Saturdays :o).  Maybe it will be this week, who knows.

I know not everyone feels like watching videos of the kid, but I find these pretty funny.  And if you're not a video loving blogger, move on, doesn't bother me a bit!

I can't get over how goofy she looks when she is 'talking'.  Pretty sure it takes a lot of effort to get those little syllables out.  Sorry, it's a long one...

Ugh, youtube and I weren't getting along on uploading this one.  I mean I know my video quality isn't usually great, but this one is pretty bad.  Oh well.  We were giving Ryann a bath in the sink because the bathroom was a little dirty.  She um, was trying to climb out of this sink :o).

Ok both youtube and blogger are getting on my nerves right now, so I'm just going to hit publish and forget the fact that somehow my video ended up in widescreen, and there is a huge space in my post that I can't make go away.  Whatever.

Apparently I have a little case of the MUNDAYS.

EDIT:  I made the big space go away.  And all my other line breaks.  HTML, Blogger, Youtube and I are all not friends right now.  Maybe that means I need to go to bed early!

EDIT #2:  Ok so when I publish it all looks normal.  The preview is just trying to drive me up the wall.  Why is that?  Good night.

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Annie said...

So, I have to admit, I don't usually watch videos on blogs (mostly because I'm checking my reader on my phone...while feeding my little) but Ryann is just TOO CUTE!