October 18, 2010

busy weekends

This weekend was the first of several that seem to be pretty full in my books.  First off, Friday morning was the first time I have ever seen Ry actually 'chase' the cat.  He would lay down, she would crawl up to him, he would move about 10 feet, lay down, and it went on and on like that for about fifteen minutes or so.  Max eventually got smarter...

Ry did notice that the cats went down the stairs and through their little pet door, and she tried to follow them.  So... Ryann, me, my mom and a couple of her friends from college went out for lunch and then made a pit stop at Babies 'R' Us to grab some baby gates.  Our family room is officially a baby jail.  Friday evening Chris, Ryann and I just hung out at home.

Saturday morning I spent my time working on my bestie's wedding invitations while Chris occupied the wee one.  We also watched 'How to Train Your Dragon', pretty cute little movie.  Saturday evening was a fabulous girls night.  Jenn, Jackie, Jackie's friend Beth and myself went out to dinner, and then to the Carrier Underwood concert.  It was tough being away from my little girl (why am I so bad at that?) but a night with the girls was a lot of fun.  And the concert was pretty good too!

 oh you know, just flying around the concert on a little blue truck

On Sunday Ryann and I headed over to Meaghan's (ok her parent's) house to get all of her wedding invitations ready to mail out.  I'm so happy with how the invitations came out, and even more excited for the wedding!  Only two months and my bestie will be a married woman!  I hope that my matron of honor (man that sounds old) speech is half as good as the one she gave at my wedding.

Ryann enjoyed a little snooze with Dave and Abby (the dog, do you see her tucked under the blanket next to Dave?).  It was too cute.  I can't remember the last time she just sat with someone and fell asleep.  Probably when she was less than eight weeks old.

Sunday evening we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to check out the treadmills (I WILL start walking/running again!) and grabbed some Spin Pizza (you have to try the sausage and apple pizza) on the way home for dinner.  Ryann was sporting her little Pumas (I know, bad pic to show off the Pumas).  Chris picked those shoes out for her before she was born.

It was a busy weekend, but a good weekend!


Ashley said...

Love the pictures! That Carrie Underwood concert looked like a lot of fun and the story of Ryann chasing the cat is so cute!

Bri said...

I was going to say the same thing about that sleeping picture! I don't know the last time Rilo has fallen asleep like that. I think she was 2 months old or something.

Meaghan said...

First off, you look so cute in the picture with the girls!! Secondly, I LOVE the invitations and cannot wait for the big day! (Thanks a trillion) I feel so lucky I will have you right by my side :) You're the best!

ps- can't get enough of sleepy Ryann... or just Ryann at all really. :)