November 7, 2010

banana chocolate chip cookies

Yet again I was having one of those moments where I didn't want what I typically make.  I had some bananas that had gotten past the 'I would actually eat those' stage, but I didn't want to make banana bread.  So I looked up other banana recipes on, and came across these banana chocolate chip cookies.

You may notice that I uh, burned the cookies a little bit.  These cookies have a very cake-like texture, and I couldn't tell if they were done.  They were.  Oops.  They still tasted pretty dang good though!  I'm still a little iffy on whether or not I like cake-like cookies.  It was a bit strange.  But, if you like bananas and don't mind cake-like cookies I definitely say give these a shot.

I said cake-like a lot.


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