November 2, 2010

halloween weekend

This is another one of those weekends where it is easier to just throw up some pictures with a little text.  It was busy!

Thursday we hung out with Jenn and JT, we made the kiddos wear their costumes :o).

I'm pretty sure that is the 'what the heck are they doing to us?' look.

Friday evening we headed to my parents house.  Shortly after we got there we went to a Halloween party, for about 30 minutes.  My kiddo is very particular about her bed time.

Saturday we hung out at my parents and watched a little football.  Saturday evening we headed out to another party.  This time we lasted about an hour maybe.

Ryann enjoyed a little bubble bath Saturday night.

Sunday morning Ry enjoyed ripping up the Toys'R'Us ad.  She loves to destroy anything made out of paper.  We then went to the Country Club for a little Halloween brunch.

The shot on the right is a little out of focus, but that tongue thing is her new obsession.  She always has it hanging out of her mouth.  What is with that?

 Sunday night we tested out Grammy's sink for a bath spot.

Monday Ryann and I hung out with Grammy a little longer, while Chris was away for an interview.  We ran errands, and help Grammy cook dinner.  And no, my mom has not started decorating for Christmas already.  We bought that little tree while we were out and had to see how it looked plugged in!

Another weekend that was jam packed and flew by!

Last night when we were on the highway heading home, the car in front of us slammed on their breaks as they clipped a deer.  Luckily Chris was paying attention and was able to quickly slow down and move over just enough that we didn't slam into the back of the other car.  That is the closest we have been to being in an accident with Ryann in the car, and I was absolutely terrified.  Cars freak me out in general, because I was in an accident my freshman year of high school, but it scared me so much to think of my baby getting hurt.  Thankfully everything was fine, and Ry?  She didn't even flinch, just kept on snoozing.



Melissa said...

Ryann is so beautiful!

Also, I'd love to know how to get such great nighttime bath shots.
Flash=bad, No flash=blurry.
What's your secret? :)

The Thibault Fam said...

What a doll! I just love her costume!!

Ashley said...


If you click on that bubble bath picture, you'll notice it is a little out of focus/blurry. But that small you don't really notice.

I use a 35mm lens with a 1.8 f-stop. I don't use a flash, but I make sure to set the custom white balance on my camera.

Did I lose you? I'm no photographer, but I have picked up a few things between school and blogs.

Kalen said...

Um listen - your baby when she looks at other people/babies = hilarious.

And Everly is particular about bedtimes too. It kinda rocks on nights we want to stay home (because we get a lot of free time) but it kind of sucks on nights where we want to go out past 7:30 :(

Meaghan said...

Ryann makes the PERFECT Tinkerbelle!

So glad to hear that you got home safe. That is scary, but Chris is a fabulous driver :)

Nikki said...

She is the CUTEST little Tinderbell!!