November 14, 2010

steppin' out saturday

My mom and I (and Ryann!) had a blast throwing a bridal shower last night.  I figured since Ry and I were both actually presentable we would participate in Steppin' Out Saturday.  Check it out on Mandy's blog.

Go figure we were running around like crazy people and didn't have time to really take a 'nice' shot.  But hey, I tried.

dress - Francesca's
leggings - Old Navy
boots you can't see - Nordstrom

headband - etsy seller Neisha's Blue
top and leggings - Old Navy

Ry was so cute.  She just wanted to touch those dang poms.  Every time we would walk by her little hands would start opening and closing and reaching.  Adorable.


Nikki said...


I have GOT to find some boots that I can wear with leggings.

AmyLee said...

you guys are super cute!! :)