November 9, 2010

failure or genius?

This morning when Ryann wakes up I go in to change her diaper and realize that her diaper drawer is empty.  Crap, but I grab the kid and we head to the garage where I have the big box'o'diapers from Sams.  Except, there aren't any packs left.  What?  Seriously, didn't we just buy that thing?  Probably not, but I swore there was another package in it.

Ok no need to worry, there are always diapers in the diaper bag, so I grab one, put it on the little baby bum, and all is well.  I figure we will just run out in a little bit and grab some more.

Today we were having the windows cleaned, so I was running around the house trying to pick crap up so the guys could actually get to our windows.  Our house is a disaster.  It has been a disaster for the last couple weeks.  I suppose that is what happens if you aren't home on the weekends, and your child wakes up if you so much as think of walking by her door.

I started smelling something weird and I couldn't figure out what it was.  I had been going back and forth between the guest room and the bathroom in the process, (stepping over Ry who was playing nicely) so I thought ok, maybe someone forgot to flush the toilet.  Nope.  Did Chris have old food on his desk?  Nope.  Trash can stink?  Nope.  About the tenth time I stepped over Ry I finally wised up.  Duh, she pooped.  That is why it stunk.  So I went to the diaper bag.  CRAP.  I had put the last diaper on her.  Now what the heck was I supposed to do?

I quickly searched the house for any lone diapers, but we had NONE.  I couldn't leave her poor little bum in poo and take a stinky kid to the store!  Crap crap crap.  So my resourcefulness kicked in.  I grabbed a giant pad leftover from post pregnancy (sorry tmi) a couple onesies and a pair of Ry's fleece pants... stuck the pad inside the first onesie, put another onesie on top, put on the fleece pants, and stuck a dishtowel behind her in the carseat.

I was hastily writing a note to the window guys telling them I'd be back shortly, when of course they pull into the driveway.  So I'm running out the door telling them I have to run and get diapers (like a crazy woman) because my child isn't wearing one.  No hi, how you doing, just I'll be back in five, ok?  Ok.  Thankfully the window guy (who I'm pretty sure is my age) just smiled and said ok.

We ran to the grocery store with lightening speed, grabbed a box of diapers, and headed home.  Did another quick awkward hello to the window guys and plopped Ryann on the changing table.

She had peed.  But it didn't make it past the second onesie.  Thank you giant pads.


Next time though?  I'll opt for making sure we aren't out of diapers.


Expat Girl said...

Haha genuis to the rescue!

Ashley said...

The thought of you sprinting out of the door made me burst out laughing! This is hilarious! I will make sure to have diapers in the house so karma wont bite me for laughing so hard at this story!

Kalen said...

Awesome! I was wondering about other ways I could use those puppies! I was thinking maybe to dry the car next time we washed it, or to help BP clean up the oil spill... but this would work, too!

Fire Wife said...


The Bignon Family said...

LOL! This had me in stitches! I can just picture the whole thing going down :)

Allison said...

Oh my goodness, this post was hilarious! You made me laugh, and I am impressed by such resourcefulness :)

Heidi said...

I would have to go with genius on this one!

Katie Barr said...

Oh my gosh!! This post is hilarious! As I was reading, I was completely imagining myself watching the whole thing live. SO funny! You are incredibly resourceful and this will be an awesome story to tell her when she has kids!