November 17, 2010


So this definitely isn't the month that I post everyday, since I missed yesterday (AND November 1st).

Unfortunately I don't have 'a day in the life' post for you.  Whoever was scheduled today never sent me anything, and honestly, I've been so busy/tired/scatter brained that I never e-mailed them to remind them.  So my fault.

I'll be back later with more on my life these days.


Anonymous said...

I love the day-in-the-life posts you do. You should make this a linky so others can participate! I don't know how to create/start a linky, though. Anyone? Bueller?

Jen said...

I just checked my email and I am scheduled for the 24th! My post is nearly finished. I will get it to you this week!

Nikki said...

Oh no! No day in life post today!

Just kidding!

Go have fun with that sweet baby girl today.