November 8, 2010

this and that

::  I feel like a failure.  We had a great weekend at my parents again, did a few things, and I took zero pictures.  I know, oh my goodness, one two days without any pictures, whatever will I do??  But seriously, I take pictures of Ryann almost everyday, I feel bad when I miss one.  Plus we looked pretty sweet in all our KU gear this weekend, and what a great weekend to be sporting it!

::  Ryann got into a sitting position by herself for the first time last night.  She has been trying for awhile, but just hadn't gotten there.  She hasn't done it again today, but I know it can happen!  She can also now get from a sitting position back to a crawling position without face planting.  I'd say that is a pretty big accomplishment.

::  I am busy busy busy this week getting ready for my bestie's bridal shower.  I hope it turns out like I am imagining.  There will be lots to share if it does!  Until then though, I have got to get my craft on, there are decorations to be made!!

::  We are trying to retrain Ryann to fall asleep on her own (we had gotten out of the habit of having her do it), in the hopes that we can also start night sleep training.  I know that she doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night anymore, especially because she calms down and goes back to sleep whether I give her two ounces or six.  BUT, it isn't going very well.  I swear her cry has gotten sadder.  Plus, the crazy thing is, for naps she has successfully put herself to sleep after about 10 minutes (with some crying, but nothing unbearable), but for bedtime and the middle of the night?  She just lays on her back and screams and screams and screams something horrible.  Her little voice sounds hoarse because she cries so hard.

I can't take it so the last two nights I have gone in after 30 minutes and just rocked her to sleep.  I know that isn't helping, but it absolutely breaks my heart to hear her cry like that.  Has anyone rocked their child to sleep at night, but still used a 'cry it out' method to eliminate night waking?  I love that end of the day cuddle with her, and she loves it too.  I don't know what to do.

::  Ryann has become absolutely impossible when it comes to getting dressed or changing a diaper.  She is constantly flipping over on the changing table.  I tried putting her on the floor and she just flips over and crawls away.  Giving her toys or anything to hold (including my phone!) doesn't really do the trick.  Tonight I had to practically lay on her to get her pajamas on.  Ridiculous.

::  I wish there was a class I could take on how to properly use my silhouette machine.  I haven't done as much with it as I had hoped because I haven't found the time to do all the how to reading.  Oy.  I have all these ideas that I think hey, my silhouette should do that!  But then I can't quite figure out how to make it happen.  Maybe I should actually sit down and read the manual start to finish.

::  Today was absolutely beautiful weather in Kansas.  70 degrees in November.  Who would have thought.  Ryann and I put a blanket on the front porch and played outside for awhile.  It was fabulous.

::  Awesome little adventure tonight... Chris had a pre-interview dinner to attend, so I was on my own with Ry for the evening.  I decided we would run a couple errands to kill time, but I was out of gas so we had to stop to fill up.  I do my thing, get some gas, get back in the car, put the key in the ignition, and the thing would not turn.  I couldn't turn on the car.  I started to panic of course, picturing myself walking home from the gas station carrying Ry in her carseat.  I called my dad and he told me to jiggle the steering wheel.  I tried that, tried pushing the break (it wouldn't budge), shaking everything in my car like a madwoman.  The stupid key wouldn't turn.  Freaking out, freaking out, freaking out, and... it randomly turned.  The car started and all was fine.  Just a little excitement for the errand trip.

::  Because  post without photos is more or less lame, here are some of my favorites from the iPhone lately.


Jen said...

Did I already recommend the Sleep Easy Solution book to you? I have told so many people about it that I feel like a broken record lol. Anyway, Nolan was waking every 45 minutes and had to be rocked to sleep and I finally did some sleep training following that book and had him STTN within a few days with very few tears. I still nurse/rock him to sleep but he rarely wakes in the night anymore and if he does, he just fusses for a minute. Read the Amazon reviews of the book if you are interested..they explain a lot!

Good luck!

Ashley said...

We did the same bedtime routine until Lilly was nearly 14 months. She never fell asleep on her own. I would give her a bottle, lay down on my bed and she would just fall asleep. then I'd pick her up and put her in her crib. she would sleep all night (12 hours). We had that routine down for months. Before that we co-slept. At 14 months we took the bottle away. I put her in her crib while she was still awake but cleary getting tired and it took her 20 min to fall asleep. the 2nd night it took 15 min. the 3rd she slept on her own and has been ever since. Do what feels right. All those books weren't written with Ry in mind but for babies in general. If rocking works, then rock her at at night, and place her in her crib. Good Luck!

The Thibault Fam said...

Oy! We had a lot of trouble with our 2nd sleeping through the night. It was the same things screaming bloody murder, not wanting to soothe herself back to sleep. She didn't sleep entirely through the night until after she was 1 and we took the bottle away!! That seemed to help. But I could never just listen to her cry, I'm a sucker like that!! Good luck :)

Whitney said...

I don't have any advice to give on sleep patterns, but I must say those photos are adorable! Love you guys. :)

Annie said...

We're still working on STTN, but she's done it several times on her own, so I know she can do it. I just read in Healthy Sleep Habits that their daytime sleep is organized differently than their nighttime sleep, so you can use different methods to soothe them to sleep (but just be consistent at those times). So basically, you don't have to give up the snuggles before bedtime if she's sleeping just fine at night. Also, he says that 9mo is when they don't need to feed during the night anymore. Good luck! I can't wait for a FULL nights sleep (even when she sleeps all night, I still wake up)!