November 20, 2010

love is sweet

Finally, I am going to share some photos from the shower my mom and I threw for my bestie.  I will admit, trying to get ready for the party plus taking care of a babe is not something I'm the best at.  She these photos aren't all exactly what I wanted to show.  But you'll get the idea, I hope.  :o)

For the shower I went with a loose theme, Love is Sweet.  The bride-to-be is using mostly natural colors plus gold and silver for her December wedding, but is throwing in tiny touches of a soft creamy pink.  I decided to play with those colors a bit.  However, while I was designing the invite the hubby said it looked a little boring, so we threw in a little bit of plum/purple as an accent.

I have to thank my mom 1000 times over, because without her I could not have put this shower together.  She made all of the food and items for the favors.  Basically I came up with the ideas, and she executed almost everything for me.

As a sidenote, while in graphics school I often got an A on concept, and a B- on craft/execution.  I've got ideas, I'm not always the best at making them come to life.

Here are the invitations I sent out.  They came in a soft gold envelope.

For favors, we sent guests home with a jar of hot cocoa mix, and a bag of homemade marshmallows.  I have yet to try my cocoa mix, but the marshmallows were pretty tasty.  Personally I think this would be a great gift to give neighbors this holiday season too!

A couple of the food labels I created...

We made some tissue paper poms for decoration.  We also found some gorgeous pink fabric to use on the tables that matched perfectly, on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I didn't get any great pictures of the tables set up with food.  It is so absolutely dark in my house at night, and with food not being ready until the last minute... well...

In the invitation I sent out a note asking guests to bring a 4x6 photo that included them and the bride-to-be.  We then put the photos in an album, along with note cards where we wrote a memory we had with the bride and a piece of advice.  The pictures were great and I think in a few years this will be a great little memento for her to look back on.

I realized the next morning that I hadn't taken pictures of my mantel.  I used various candle sticks and gold candles, and made a pennant banner using my handy dandy silhouette machine.

I was so happy with how everything turned out.  All the girls in attendance seemed to have a great time, and of course my bestie walked away with some awesome gifts.

I'll try to share recipes that we used over the next week or so, but if you have any specific questions you want answered let me know in the comment section!

Congrats Meaghan and Justin! I can't wait to see you get married 
in less than a month!!!!


Jen said...

Everything looks beautiful Ashley! Your bestie is a lucky girl :) Btw, I am super jealous that you have a silhouette machine!

Meaghan said...


Thank you so much! These pictures don't even do justice to the fabulousity of this party!! You and your mother went above and beyond, and it was devine!

I agree with Jen, I'm a lucky girl!

Love ya!

The "L" in ELF said...

It looks gorgeous!

I'd love to see the directions and the recipe for your hot chocolate favors and marshmallows.

Kalen said...

You have trouble executing? Um, yeah right! It was all so gorgeous!

I would love the directions for the hot chocolate favors/marshmallows, too! I'm sure I could probably Google it but still!

Joi said...

This is a gorgeous shower! You and your mom are very talented. : )

Nikki said...

EVERYTHING is beautiful! The photo album was such a nice touch.

Karen At Home said...

Hi Ashley, what an amazing job you did! Your bestie is one lucky girl!!!!!

Where did you get the tissue paper "poofs" hanging from the ceiling? I tried looking for some for a sprinkle I gave my sister but couldn't find any. I know a few people make them but I didn't have time on my side to order any. Just curious to where you picked yours up from. Please send me an email or leave a comment on my blog when you get a chance.