November 5, 2010

my little tinkerbell

I know I'm a few days late with this one, and you've already seen her costume... But I finally got around to taking some 'good' pictures of Ryann in her Tinkerbell costume.  Every time she had it on prior to this we weren't at home, and were more or less in a hurry.

The white tights are no more, thanks to a little diaper mishap, but I think you still get the idea :o).  The tutu, headband and wings came from etsy seller FairyWonderful, and my mom made the green bodysuit. 

Seriously, that tongue is pretty much her accessory right now.  A wee bit ridiculous, but pretty cute nonetheless.

Whenever she was wearing her wings, she was frequently trying to turn around and look at them.  That was made extra hilarious by the fact that I think she sort of knows that she isn't the most steady when she is sitting up, so she was just trying to peak with her eyes, and barely awkwardly turning her head.  Too cute.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.  I'm excited that next year, we might enjoy it just a little bit more.  I should probably start thinking about costumes now... :o)


Beth Ann said...

Love the tongue!!! Adorable :) And the fairy outfit is just precious.

SJ said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture is precious!

Nikki said...

So darling! Love that little tongue.

Aja said...

She looks adorable!!