November 19, 2010

a whole lot of photos...

I have several pictures that I haven't shared yet, and I they don't really fit in with anything, so I decided to just throw them all together.

Since so many people commented on the mirror picture yesterday, I thought I'd show you some of the ones I took at my parent's house this past weekend.  There is a large leaning mirror in my sisters room, and Ryann loves to crawl up to it and play.


Here amazing little scrunchy nose smile is probably one of my favorite things about her.  In the second photo she was yawning while still trying to smile.  Makes for an awkward face :o).

Wednesday we went over to Jenn and JT's house.  JT is a funny little guy, and he is all over the place!!  All the sudden he can crawl at lightning speed, is pulling up on everything, and basically just being a crazy little boy.  It is amazing to see how different the two of them are.  Both of them can crawl, but Ryann will still happily lay on the floor and play with a toy, while JT is off and running every two minutes.  Ryann was laying down playing with a book, and JT crawled right over the top of her like she was a speed bump.  Too funny.  What Ry lacks in speed, she makes up in chattiness.  She definitely 'talks' a little more than JT.  JT will hold his own bottle, and eats baby food and some finger foods like a champ.  Ryann has zero interest in holding her bottle, and still pretty much hates baby food.  She is starting to like puffs though.

she always seems to be giving him a piece of her mind...

Ry has pretty much outgrown the infant tub (ok she definitely has outgrown the infant tub) but she is still too wobbly to just sit in the bath tub.  We haven't decided what we want to get instead, or if we just want to wait until she can sit in the tub.  Until we get it figured out, I frequently see Ryann in the tub like this...

...sitting up with her legs awkwardly close to her stomach.  Cracks me up every time.

In follow up to my recent sleep post... Yesterday I was 100% sure that I could see a little tooth poking through on the bottom, so I'm guessing teething is contributing quite a bit to our sleeping issues.  Today I can't see what I thought I saw yesterday, but we have put baby orajel on her the last two nights and she has only truly woken up once.  She definitely seems more restless than she used to, but even though I hear her wake up a couple of times, she is putting herself back to sleep.

And the mention of wonder weeks?  I think that also might have something to do with it.  I didn't really read too much about it yet, but last Thursday Ry started belly off the floor crawling, and a little bit Wednesday and most definitely yesterday she has started pulling herself up.  Wednesday night it was just in her little pink chair, and then yesterday she tried the fireplace, the couch, the coffee table, her crib, everything.  I'm following her around pulling her off of stuff.  She is like a little monkey now.

We have some serious baby proofing to do this weekend!  We already moved the crib mattress down last night.  Last week I still thought we had a few weeks before she figured this out, and go figure six days was all I got.  Oy.


Whitney said...

Ash, sometimes I can really see you in Ry's face, but in that yawning photo, she looks so much like Chris! I think that's about right, though...her cute little smiles look like you and her silly expressions look like her daddy. :)

Thank you for these! They made my day. The one where she's laughing in the mirror made ME laugh. Adorable!

Bri said...

Oh the pulling up on things never ends!

She's adorable!